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Michael Vick, Killing Babies and Dog Fighting

Vote Life, Canada! noted the following opinion piece by US based “Stand True Ministries” issued today through Christian Newswire.


Stand True Ministries President, Bryan Kemper, released the following commentary about the hypocrisy of PETA, The Federal Government and the NFL regarding the Michael Vick Scandal. "I am disgusted that we as a nation are so outraged over dog fighting while thousands of babies are being mutilated daily" said Kemper.

While the title of this commentary is meant to be sarcastic, it is sadly true. Michael could have invested his money into an abortion clinic and he would not be in trouble, in fact he would be protected. It may be against federal law to inflict cruelty on animals but it is perfectly fine according to the law to dismember little baby boys and girls any time in the first nine months of their lives.

I am horrified by dog fighting just like most people; I think it is a barbaric practice and should be illegal. I am not however, okay with the fact that our federal government allows more protection to a dog than a human person. It is absolutely asinine that we as a society can get in an uproar about dog fighting and still allow the destruction of almost 4,000 precious children each day.

Organizations like PETA are in their own words, "bellowing for strong action on behalf of dogs". They want the NFL to make rules about its players and their involvement in dog fighting and animal cruelty. I wonder if PETA would support the NFL if they made rules against its players being involved in paying so called "doctors" to kill their own children.

John Rolfe, a writer for Sports Illustrated wrote, "Only a drooling, spiral-eyed sadist would insist that drowning, hanging or electrocuting innocent dogs should be an un-punishable offense, let alone allowing them to rip each other to shreds for fun and profit". I wonder if he would include injecting saline into a baby while still in the womb, or suctioning their body parts off with a hose into that category.

Where are we heading as a nation if we cannot protect the most innocent and vulnerable citizens, the pre- born children, yet we can offer such protection to dogs? Since when are dogs more human than babies? God have mercy on our nation, we are so blind.

PETA is asking the public to help demand that the NFL add cruelty to animals to its personal conduct rules. I want to ask the public to ask PETA to demand the same protection for babies in the womb. I challenge PETA to show some consistency in their crusade against cruelty and work for the same protection for humans as it does for animals.

Call PETA at 757-622-PETA (7382) and ask them why they won't stand up for the babies with the same passion they stand up for the dogs.



What sane Christian could disagree with Brian Kemper’s expose of this hypocrisy? Here in Canada the same kind of apathy and hypocrisy results in the deaths of nearly 300 Canadian Unborns daily.

But PETA deserves only a very small part of the blame here folks. Consider that PETA is hardly the only outraged party. It is the public at large that seems unusually enraged.

And keep in mind that in this unfolding event PETA is rightfully engaged in its mission. The charges of execution of dogs by hanging, electrocution or other brutal means, if true, are shocking and barbaric and call for judgment and penalty. Remember that PETA does not advocate for the Unborn, nor do they advocate for the elimination of racial discrimination. Quite simply, those are not their goals.

So I think highlighting the actions and hypocrisy of PETA and particularly making calls for PETA to demand rights for the Unborn is misplaced. Such an approach detracts in a crucial way from the truly effective action demanded from Christians living in a culture marked by legalized child killing.

The Michael Vick scandal is a rare opportunity of sorts for Christians to not only expose the hypocrisy of the public, as Bryan Kemper and many other Christians have done, but more especially to expose the hypocrisy of fellow Christians in their silence on the horror of child killing. Christian leaders especially need to be hit hard with the fact that their abysmal failure to confront the prevailing “culture” with the truth is the very thing that sustains skewed, hypocritical public attitudes regarding the health, welfare and treatment of animals in relation to treatment of unborn humans. Always this confrontation must begin first in their own pulpits, not in the streets and on the airwaves in public protest [although that is certainly a possibility for step 2].

This is the pro-lifer’s finest strategy: to keep Christian leaders [starting with their own!] accountable for dispensing the truth about the slaughter of the Unborn, about the humanity of the Unborn and about the means of winning justice for the Unborn. Crucial to the success of Christian leaders to accomplish this is the watchful eye and vocal stance of the [pro-life] Christian whose determined, prayerful follow-up ensures the proportionate attention to match the injustice.

It can be nothing less than the declaration and exercise of an all out Campaign of Accountability amongst the Christians of Canada.

Can God expect anything less from the true Christian? Will anything less than that work?

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