Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Canadian Centre For Bio-Ethical Reform Releases Latest Newsletter

The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) Calgary, AB has announced its latest newsletter is available online.

This CCBR newsletter is especially noteworthy because of its coverage of the ground shaking Reproductive Choice Campaign recently carried out by CCBR in Calgary. Vote Life, Canada! has reported extensively on CCBR’s strategy of exposing the truth of abortion through the use of graphic images.

Be sure to view the newsletter and CCBR’s website. Below is an excerpt, especially apropos, from the newsletter. The image with this posting is a screenshot also taken from the newsletter.



Indeed, our opponents are demonstrating that the RCC hasn’t skipped a beat when it comes to effectiveness. The Calgary Sun’s August 9th article titled “Graphic abortion images shock Calgarians” contained another typical pro-abortion attempt to change the subject:

These tactics are the visual equivalent of being screamed at,” said Laura Wershler of the non-profit group Sexual Health Access Alberta, formerly Planned Parenthood Alberta. [Emphasis added.]

“I think most Calgarians are not going to appreciate being screamed at.”

Actually, these pictures are the visual equivalent of being given a precise description of what abortion does to a baby. We think most babies do not appreciate being aborted.

Joyce Arthur, spokesperson for the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, was also forced out of hiding. Montreal radio station 940 News interviewed both Ms. Arthur and CCBR’s executive director, Stephanie Gray. The host first asked Stephanie to explain the RCC and the content of the pictures in particular. Then, given the opportunity to respond, the first words out of Ms. Arthur’s mouth were, “Really, this tactic promotes no meaningful debate whatsoever.”

Ms. Arthur pretends to want meaningful debate, but in 1999, when Stephanie was an undergraduate at the University of British Columbia, she invited Ms. Arthur to debate pro-life apologist Scott Klusendorf. Ms. Arthur declined and subsequently published an article titled “Why We Don’t Debate Anti-Choice Spokespersons” in which she wrote, “Would a Jew debate with a Nazi?”

The latest revision of this article online (www.prochoice actionnetwork-canada.org/articles/debate.shtml) says, “[…] we do not engage in debates with the anti-choice—by which we mean public debates before an audience, or on radio or TV.” But a scant two days after the RCC launch, Ms. Arthur was on the air… with the “anti-choicest” of them all!

Towards the end of the programme, Ms. Arthur was asked if Canada might see a re-ignition of the debate of whether or not abortion should be legal. She stuttered in response, “Well, no, not with this particular tactic […] this is not going to work to restart the debate.”

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Ms. Arthur is so unconcerned about the potential effectiveness of “this particular tactic” that she was compelled to abandon her long-standing zero-debate policy and appear on-air with an “anti-choice spokesperson.” Nope, doesn’t seem like she’s worried at all.


Keep up the amazingly effective work CCBR!!

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