Saturday, September 01, 2007 Covers Amnesty Meltdown: Interviews Vote Life, Canada!

“One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic.” Joseph Stalin

On Tuesday of this past week, called on Vote Life, Canada! for comment regarding the recent decision by Amnesty International to add abortion advocacy to its agenda. In particular, was interested to know why Vote Life, Canada! raised such a loud voice in protest and also why our comments focused so strongly on the failure of Canada’s Catholic Bishops to do more to derail Amnesty’s insidious plans.

The story is now published on the website and it’s a fairly substantial piece on the controversy, particularly when combined with's former story in May 2006 when the news first broke on the AI proposal.

I commend for raising the profile on this tragic turn of events within the AI organization. Certainly there has been relatively little comment from Canadian Christian media overall in regard to the news. Not surprisingly, I note in the story the shocking, ongoing apathy among representatives of Canada’s Christians.

The spokesman for the Catholic Bishops notes that the Bishops “haven't changed their minds either on abortion or the AI situation,” which presumably means they still think a comment on a website was/is sufficient. Bishop Henry was the only bright light among the Bishops, denouncing AI’s plans in his 2006 pastoral letter and, according to, withdrawing his support for AI.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), the voice of Canada’s evangelicals, maintains “the EFC is strongly pro-life but has no plans to comment on the policies of a secular agency,” leading one to ask whether the EFC comments only on those plans to murder unborn children that are announced by “non-secular,” i.e. Christian organizations.

Obviously the Christians of Canada have more pressing matters on their plates. Perhaps they have been anesthetized by 40 years of legalized child-killing in Canada. Perhaps they have, if only sub-consciously, come to accept the legality of the barbaric practice. So much for the supremacy of God's law in the life of the Canadian Christian. So much for Isaiah 58:6.

But consider Amnesty International: this extremely influential and global organization which is expertly trained and experienced in advocacy, with membership of 1.5 million, an annual operating budget of $30M, and with projects in over 100 countries. Consider that this organization mounted a campaign on behalf of Soviet prisoners of conscience that was so influential that President Gorbachev invited Amnesty representatives to Moscow to discuss the reforms that were much needed in the Soviet Union.

Now consider that almost overnight this same group has shifted energy and resources into securing for every woman in every nation of the world an unrestricted access to reproductive “freedom.”
An evil twin—perhaps worse, a big brother—of International Planned Parenthood and UNFPA has suddenly hatched and the reaction of Canada's Christian leaders? Yawn.

Some say AI's new goals are outstanding and laudable. Yet most certainly the exercise of such widespread “rights” and “freedoms” will demand the deaths of countless more unborn children, likely to number in the millions. Already at least 46 million Unborns perish annually through the violent act of abortion worldwide and one of AI’s newly stated goals is now to work for decriminalization of abortion in the other 97 countries where it is currently illegal.

But judging from the response from Christians in Canada, you’d never say there were human lives involved here. You’d never say that countless little innocent unborn children created in the image of God and representing the future of mankind were going to be ripped to death or cut into pieces because of this new proposal by AI.

What possible justification can the Bishops of Canada offer for the existence of a national body if at a bare minimum they can not or will not offer a vigorous and effective, nation-wide campaign to defend innocent unborn lives? What possible justification can EFC similarly offer? Both national bodies say they are “strongly pro-life.”

Allow me to ask a question of the Christians and their leaders in Canada. If the threat posed was not one by an international group to campaign for the slaughter of innocents but rather by Revenue Canada to remove the charitable tax status of churches in Canada, would that be sufficient to energize and mobilize the leaders? Would such a threat be worthy of outrage, condemnation and yes, even national campaigns?

Yet the withdrawal of tax status would not represent a direct threat to the life of even one person.
But a threat which jeopardizes the lives of millions of silent and invisible Unborns is apparently no big deal, hardly worthy of a comment.

Some Christians might wish to make a distinction here, protesting that there’s wisdom in not taking on a fight which appears unwinnable.

Does that mean then that the Christian is not to raise his voice and speak the truth, or take steps to defend his brother, or even live out his daily Christian life unless there is good reason to believe he will be successful? Thank God the early Christians persevered “by faith” in the face of extreme adversity and even in the face of lions and sure death. Thank God that Jesus did not first weigh up the odds of success at Calvary. Thank God for all those in Hebrews 11, of whom the world was not worthy, who died for their faith, “not having seen the promises.”

Unborn children perishing in the womb, of whom Canada is not worthy, will at least share in their martyrdom.

Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40
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At 12:47 PM, Blogger skywriter said...

Thank you for understanding my story. It took me 28 years to tell it.

I too am adopted, though that factored into my decision, I still would have the same choice.


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