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Is This The Kind Of Canada You Want To Live In?

Today I’m busy writing press releases for the upcoming week and preparing more blog postings with commentary on last week’s outrageous assault on my right to free assembly and free speech at the Press Conference called by the Religious Social Action Coalition (RSAC).

As I recover from the reality of a disintegrating Canadian society where politically incorrect ideas are more and more rigidly controlled by those best characterized as the “thought police,” my attention is drawn to an article on the website. Entitled, “Betrayed,” I can’t help saying that’s much of what I feel over last week’s fiasco when I was dragged to the paddy wagon by the thought police of the RSAC—and all the worse because these men and women claim to be sincere Christians and others of good will.

At the conclusion of this article, the author asks:

Is this the kind of Canada you want to live in?
Do you want to live in a Canada where decisions are made in secret, where Cabinet can dictate to the police how they can handle a case or respond to an issue, where courts can make law outside of Parliament? Do you want to live in a Canada that no longer controls her sovereignty, energy, resources, borders, defence, trade, environment or laws, to name a few? Do you want to live in a fascist police state where you have no personal freedoms? If not then please join us and start taking Canada back today! Make your opinions known in the Canada Blog. Sign the Canada Agenda. Tell others to do the same. Together we can make a difference! But time is short.

Perhaps partly because of the article’s emphasis on “policies of secrecy and diversion that were so perfected by the Liberals under Pierre Elliot Trudeau,” and its focus on the removal of citizens’ rights and freedoms in the process, I see it as a somewhat accurate portrayal of Canada’s current reality. As we've noted before, Trudeau was a powerful [Catholic] instrument in foisting “the ‘legalization’ of the triad of contraception, abortion and sodomy upon Canada, along with the liberalization of divorce laws.”

I’m not familiar enough with the many other political issues covered in the article, nor are those my emphases or those of Vote Life, Canada! We do not necessarily subscribe to all the views expressed. However, they do seem to paint a consistent picture of creeping tyranny and dangerous socialism.

If the reader understands much of the emphasis of the Vote Life, Canada! project it will also be quickly apparent that the article pointed to does not address the failure of leadership in Christian circles in Canada, most notably with the Catholic Bishops of Canada, and so it really doesn't touch on the moral/spiritual dynamics which have led to the disastrous decision making condemned by the author.

So, having issued that disclaimer, here are some of the passages that jump out at me, especially in light of this past week’s events.


REALITY CHECK: Canada is no longer a free country

The Canada of today is not the same country millions of Canadians fought and died for in two world wars. That Canada is largely dead. It has been replaced by an imitation created by elitist nihilists who, in addition to benefitting from the corruption and greed that they supported (Gomery's comments come to mind), cared more about street gangs and criminals than they do about their victims. Make no mistake. This is true. They still do. Just listen to what they're saying.

Now these people, even while sitting in opposition, can't come to terms with the mess they've created. I am fed up to the teeth with these hand-wringing, limp-wristed nihilists and their attitudes. I don't care how our lawmakers solve the problems they created, just solve them. But don't take away *my* rights and freedoms in the process. I am talking to you Mr. Prime Minister. I am not a criminal. My heart cries when I think of what your predecessors have done in the last 38 years.

If you have a problem with terrorism, take it up with the terrorists and those counselling violence and hate in our country. Don't take away my rights and freedoms. If you have a problem with guns in the streets, find and arrest those street gang members and others who are carrying guns in the streets. Don't take away my guns. I repeat. I am not the criminal. I am the person who elected you and who you swore to serve and protect. I am a peaceful citizen.

Since 1968 Canada has become a pacifist, socialist country where judges make law instead of elected legislators; where courts are more concerned about criminals than their victims; where foreign companies can sue Canada for enacting laws that are good for Canada and Canadians; where people are encouraged to get on welfare and discouraged from finding work when on it; where the ability to speak two languages has become enough to qualify for public office and; I could go on...

Our federal government has become a large and intrusive government that has either forgotten what its core functions are, no longer cares, or, worse yet, has become an instrument for others who want to destroy our sovereignty. Canada is a country on the eve of destruction.


With his election to Prime Minister on April 20, 1968, Pierre Elliot Trudeau's creeping "dictatorship of relativism" succeeded in embedding his pacifist, Marxist-leaning, socialist philosophy into the Constitution and laws of Canada. Western Canadian columnist Link Byfield wrote in a September 2000 Globe and Mail article that "Parliament annoyed [Trudeau], so he bulldozed his Charter of Rights into the Constitution (1982) and surrendered statutory supremacy to the court."

Why did the Liberal Party choose socialism and dictatorship for Canada that day in Kingston, Ontario in 1960? The answer to me is simple. They did it for power. They knew what would buy votes. They didn't care about what was good for Canada. They cared only about what they believed would get them back in power and keep them there. And they were right. They created fear of Quebec separation and then said they were the only party that could deal with it. They created the welfare state and then said they were the only party that would continue to dole out the money. Enough people believed them and voted for them, and the people of Canada got what they deserved.

In my opinion Canada's politicians have been bought off and are now firmly in the pockets of an international crime syndicate whose sole objective is to take over Canada and destroy Canada's sovereignty and the rights and freedoms of her citizens. Unless Canadians rise up and stop this, the result will be slavery and a police state existence for us all.


The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is smoke and mirrors. I challenge anyone to identify one single right or freedom, desired by the majority of Canadians, that the Charter offers that we did not already have under the existing Constitution Act of 1867 or under Common Law. The Charter was crafted in secret by lawyers, for lawyers, with the specific objective of empowering courts and Cabinet to create laws in secret [my note—including laws to kill unborn babies] outside of Parliament. Once again, the lie is in the name. It has nothing to do with individual rights and freedoms. It has everything to do with power and control.

Robert Bork in his book The Tempting of America-The Political Seduction of the Law, wrote, "Once the judges make the law, the democratic process is at an end."

Read the entire article here.

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