Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Press Release: Vote Life, Canada! Warns St. John's Religious Social Action Coalition Of Blindness & Hypocrisy

In response to an email yesterday asking for support for a group calling themselves the Religious Social Action Coalition, whose goal is to abolish poverty in Newfoundland, Vote Life Canada! issued the following press release to various media throughout Newfoundland:

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Vote Life, Canada! Recognizes the Noble Objective of the Religious Social Action Coalition to Abolish Poverty but Warns Them to Advocate First for Unborn Children In Order to Avoid Charges of Blindness and Hypocrisy

Issued by:
Vote Life, Canada!
National Address: 1075 Bay St., Suite A102-602,
Toronto, ON, M5S 2B2

Contact: Eric Alcock, President and NL Provincial Director, Vote Life, Canada! 709-773-0700

St. John’s
, NL September 4—Vote Life, Canada! has learned of the existence and goals of the Religious Social Action Coalition of Newfoundland & Labrador and of a Press Conference Wednesday, September 5 at 11AM at The Lantern, 35 Barnes Road.

Does this Coalition of well meaning religious leaders not recognize the hypocrisy in their efforts?

How is it possible that Christian leaders and other men and women of good faith can call on the people of NL, and more particularly its politicians, to make poverty a voting issue when every year nearly 1000 little children are violently killed in the womb in this province and the virtual silence of those same leaders is deafening?

Furthermore, every child killing which takes place in this province is perfectly “legal” in the sight of our society and is paid for by taxpayer dollars, the same dollars which could be channeled to feed and clothe other children. Yet these same leaders do not protest.

To what depths of blindness and hypocrisy have our leaders descended?

Have any leaders of this coalition been seen protesting the dismemberment and poisoning of unborn children which takes place daily in our very city? Yet they now pretend to be concerned about hungry children.

The saddest and most naïve element of their plan is that they expect that poverty can be addressed—even abolished—while child killing is permitted. Will politicians respect a child’s right to be fed and clothed as long as they don’t respect the child’s right to live?

Leaders of this coalition are not thinking straight. What sort of fairy tale world are they living in?

Vote Life, Canada! will be in attendance tomorrow at the press conference, representing the unborn children of this province. Eric Alcock, President and NL Provincial Director of Vote Life, Canada! will be ready to sign up on the spot for membership in the Social Action Coalition—just as soon as the Coalition calls for legalized abortion as the number one voting issue in the upcoming NL election.

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