Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Amy Richards Story Still Reverberating

Disclaimer: I know nothing of blogger Skywriter. Her blogspot is called Skywritings.

All I know is that a link today led me to her weekend posting which surprisingly doesn’t have a title. If I could, I’d entitle it, using Skywriter’s own words, It’s OK to Give up Your Life to Give Life.

It’s Skywriter’s personal, and courageous, story about pregnancy and adoption. Skywriter took the truly human path when confronted with a crisis. And I doubt that you’ll have a dry eye after reading it.

But first a note about Amy Richards. The Amy Richards story is still a shocker, although it’s been around since 2004. Entitled "When One is Enough", it was a story that appeared in the New York Times of a 34 year-old woman named Amy Richards who became pregnant with triplets, and decided to abort two of them.

[The story may not be accessible from Skywriter’s link. If not, try this link or this one.]

It reminds me of a more recent shocking story I covered on this blog, back in April, entitled The Ultimate Motherly Act.

The legalized killing of children in the womb has spawned a fiendish, diabolical twist to our thinking. Does anyone else hear the taunting laughter of the evil one?

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At 3:27 PM, Blogger skywriter said...

Thank you for your support. It took me 28 years to write that. I was adopted myself, though I still would have made the same decision either way. There is no record of my early days, but I was raised by kind, loving Christan people and I could not have had a better start in life.

Had abortion been legal when I was conceived my life story would likely have been untold.

At 9:34 PM, Blogger ELA said...

Hi Skywriter,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your story is inspiring many more people than you might have guessed.
Keep on writing.
Many blessings.


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