Thursday, September 13, 2007

Juli’s Choice: A Life Worth Taking Is Also A Life Worth Mourning

The New York Press features a column entitled Juli’s Choice with this intro:

After Her Doctor Told Her Of A Genetic Abnormality In Her Growing Fetus, JULI STEADMAN CHARKES Confronted A Pregnant Woman’s Worst Nightmare

Read the story and tell me you can’t relate to this woman’s fears and nightmares after being told she was carrying a child diagnosed with Trisomy.

But there’s at least one very big lie contained in the account. And it cost the life of a child—some precious human being created by God and in His image—and the wonderful plan of God for that child’s life.

Nobody has the right to purposefully take another human being’s life—under ANY circumstances. I’m sorry, but if you don’t believe that, you are on a very slippery slope and you are holding to an ideology which cannot be labeled Christian—at least by the doctrines of Christianity for the last nineteen centuries or so.

You're certainly on the ground of moral relativism, to which I referred yesterday.

Furthermore, doctors make mistakes and misdiagnoses all the time and there are more than sufficient examples of these in regard to the results of amniocentesis.

Furthermore, ask someone like Barbara at Mommy Life what she has to say about being the mother of several children with Trisomy.

Let’s put aside all the feelings for a moment. Can that be done, or is it not possible in our time? Let’s look at other factors, not the least of which is faith. Yes, faith in God and His divine plan and purposes.

No child’s life should hang in the balance because of the emotional reactions and fears of parents or doctors.

Juli says in her account “A life worth taking is also a life worth mourning.”

Explain that twisted logic to me and I can explain to you how modern society has found another perfectly acceptable rationale to salve its conscience after carrying out a plain and simple murder.

The amazing thing about God’s grace is that even when we conduct such evil against God and our fellow man, God still permits us a future. Notice that God blessed Juli and her husband with not one but two new children in the womb.

Was that a reward for what she did? Was it a message from God that she did the right thing?

Not on your life.

I pray Juli comes to see the true horror of her “choice” and finds repentance for her sin before she meets God. I pray Christians will be forthright—yet loving and compassionate—in helping her see it. The sooner it happens the sooner will the next child be safe from a similar search and destroy mission.

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