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Pro-Life News Bytes September 25, 2007

Stand to Reason reports on Scott Klusendorf’s posting describing what a pro-life pastor looks like.
He points out that pro-life issues aren't a political or para-church issue; the nature of being human is at the core of the Biblical message and central to teaching and training Christians who can engage and not be taken in by the culture.
Are You/Do You Have a Pro-life Pastor?

Also from STR re the visit of Ahmadinejad to Columbia U.
I think the university president's comments and questions to Ahmadinejad were constructive, accurate, and useful, though essentially pointless. They didn't justify the appearance of Iran's president at the Columbia because everything he said is well-known, well-documented, and were ignored by Ahmadinejad.
What Do We Fear? Moral Relativism and "Tolerance"

BigBlueWave blogged yesterday on this important survey.
Religious conservative vote is becoming an electoral factor in Canada

Campaign Life Coalition to release report re election candidates
Campaign Life Coalition to Shortly Post Ontario Election Candidate Survey Results on Internet

Quite a few items in the news about schools

Leonard at Stand Your Ground reports
Those who've never been to a Christian school can have a glimpse of what it looks like thanks to this article in the Toronto Star. I find it quite fairly written, even though expressions such as "infuse the Ontario curriculum with Christian values" do seem like criticism.
A Look At Christian School

From the Toronto Star
The roots of discord over religious schools

Blogger A. Carlton Sallet of Upper Canada Catholic says
Here’s a few things nobody’s talking about when it comes to the whole funding for faith based schools / end funding of Catholic schools debate raging in Ontario:
Reality Check: De-funding Ontario's Catholic Schools

Father Alphonse de Valk at Catholic Insight
Catholic school boards bowing to secularism

StatGuy discusses serious flaws found in a study criticizing abstinence-only sex education.
Lessons in depravity

Suzanne reports on more news about Archbishop Raymond Burke, Bishop of the Archdiocese of St. Louis Missouri. He’s my personal choice for the next Pope.
“No matter how often a bishop or priest repeats the teaching of the church regarding procured abortion, if he stands by and does nothing to discipline a Catholic who publicly supports legislation permitting the gravest of injustices, and, at same time, presents himself to receive Holy Communion, then his teachings ring hollow,” Burke writes.
Archbishop Burke: Deny Communion to Sinful Pols
Here’s the link to the story that Suzanne covered.

Blogger Orycteropus also has a post
Archbishop Burke, Abortion, and "Communion Cops"

Priests for Life is asking pro-lifers to sign their petition to the media to show the American people what an abortion is.

JivinJehoshaphat reports on the sad news that Pastor John Piper's son and daughter-in-law discovered their child, due to be delivered on Sunday, had died in the womb.
Life Links 9/24/07

And speaking of Pastor John Piper, who is a great friend of the Unborn, at the blogsite New Life From Heaven, one of John Piper’s quotes is included, along with other info which makes for a very unique posting.

Opinion piece from Pastor Chuck Baldwin

LifeSiteNews reports on Hillary Clinton
Biography Reveals Hillary Clinton Séance, Religious Devotion to Abortion

From LifeNews.com
A pro-life group that monitors charitable involvement with abortion businesses and pro-abortion organizations has published a new report criticizing Rotary International. Life Decisions International says Rotary has ties with groups that promote both abortion and population control
Pro-Life Org Blasts Rotary Club for Involvement With Pro-Abortion Groups

From Catholic Online
Text of the USCCB statement for Respect Life Sunday 2007

Winnipeg Sun reports that members of Edmonton's gay community are lashing out at controversial mayoral candidate Bill Whatcott over his anti-homosexual election platform.
Candidate anti-gay

Catholic Citizens supports Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo is his call for priests to imitate him by praying for one hour in front of an abortion facility during this year's national Forty Days of Life.
In Defense of Life Bishop Aquila urges priests to pray before ...

Michael Coren dishes out some compliments—and disdain for the entertainment industry
That's original

Blogger JohnOnLife takes on the duplicity of the “pro-choice” mantra
I am and I am not

New York state officials have decided to divert the millions in abstinence education funding the state receives from the federal government to comprehensive sex-ed programs.
New York State Officials Will Refuse Abstinence Education Funding

David Oliver, writer and researcher and specialist in bipolar disorder, warns that those who pressure the bipolar disorder woman facing an unplanned pregnancy into abortion may in fact be recommending something that ruins the life of women predisposed to mental illness.
Should A Woman With Bipolar Disorder Have An Abortion?

More about the mega-event in Aurora and the 40 Days for Life

From Killeen Daily Herald in Killeen Texas
Anti-abortion group prepares for 40-day protest near clinic

From Ms. Magazine
Judge Denies Injunction to Allow Aurora Planned Parenthood to Open

From Christian Newswire
Fr. Frank Pavone to Kick Off Rallies for 40 Days for Life

Heartbeat International weighs in on recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision “that deprives women of the right to hear the truth about abortion”
New Jersey Top Court Allows Doctor to Deceive Women

The Pine Log is the official newspaper of the students of Stephen F. Austin State University. Here’s an opinion piece on the morning after pill. Readers are invited to get the important truth about this dangerous medication.
Morning after pill should be easily available to all

International abortion advocate lectures at University of San Diego
Besides inviting Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh and “reproductive rights” advocate Andrea Smith to address its students during this year’s Joan B. Kroc Distinguished Lecture Series, the University of San Diego also invited Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. Human Rights Watch supports abortion rights and same-sex marriage. The University of San Diego claims to be a “Catholic” institution of higher education
“No one should be forced to carry a pregnancy to term”

Ken Connor discusses Three Core Principles in the Christian’s approach to poverty.
Last week, the Center for a Just Society reminded Christian Post readers of a message that is unambiguous in Scripture: Christians have a responsibility to freely and generously serve the poor.
Christian Compassion and Government Responsibility

The Christian Post reports on a recent meeting of Southern Baptist leaders.
Southern Baptists Consider Denomination-Wide Response to Clergy Sex Abuse

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