Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Are Americans Ignoring Sam Brownback—Only Presidential Hope for Legal Protection of the Unborn?

Ok, so we’ve had a born-again evangelical President in the White House for about seven years. Abortion rates are much the same as always. I don’t recall ever hearing President Bush say in blunt words that abortion should be made illegal, although I believe the Republican platform calls for the overturning of Roe v Wade.

Is it time now for a Catholic President? Does America’s desire to end abortion override its reluctance to consider the prospect of a President who is staunchly Catholic—unlike JFK?

It would seem not, at least up to this point.

But here’s a Presidential hopeful who is unafraid to say that abortion is the greatest moral issue in American politics today— not global warming, not the war in Iraq, not illegal immigration, etc.

Boston’s Cardinal O'Malley said, "There is no other presidential candidate in the United States at this moment whose positions really reflect Catholic social dogma in the way that" Brownback's do.

Are American pro-life leaders throwing their weight behind Brownback? I am hearing no such reports. They seem obsessed with “elect-able” candidates instead of principled voting. Thirty four years of that kind of thinking have not saved the lives of 4000 unborn Americans killed daily through “legal” abortion.

What are James Dobson and Tony Perkins saying about him? Why aren’t they saying more?

Perhaps more importantly we should ask why Catholic Bishops aren't drawing the attention of their flocks to candidate Brownback. Truly perplexing.

America: Why aren’t you looking more seriously at Brownback?

Sam Brownback Tells Iowans Abortion is Biggest Moral Issue in Politics

Dubuque, IA (LifeNews.com) -- Sam Brownback continued to press the pro-life themes of his Republican presidential campaign in a stop in Iowa on Thursday. The Kansas senator said abortion is the greatest moral issue in politics and shared the story of his adoptive daughters with the crowd of 100 people at Loras College.

Brownback discussed his "pro-life, whole life" theme that includes protecting people both born and unborn.

"This is the biggest moral issue of the day," he said, referring to abortion. "We've killed over 40 million people that should be here."

The senator also discussed his two adoptive children and how they came from nations where abortion and infanticide have targeted girl babies.

He also said the women who have had abortions and regret their decision have the greatest chance to break the gridlock over abortion in the U.S. and persuade more people to support the pro-life position.

"With every abortion there's at least two victims. One dead, one wounded," he said. "We believe all people are sacred and they're beautiful."

He also said he was confident that the work of pro-life groups in changing hearts and minds would eventually win the abortion debate.

"We can get this done here. Once we win this fight, it will reverberate around the world," he said, according to the Tribune Herald newspaper.

Once abortion is made illegal in the United States again, Brownback said, it would impact the worldwide abortion debate and help places like Russia and Japan, where abortion has left the nations with underpopulation problems.

"This isn't rocket science. But it is about sacred life," he said.

Brownback also said he backs a human life amendment to the Constitution but knows that isn't a political reality right now.


The Dubuque Telegraph Herald in Iowa reported much the same story. To read their article, go here.

As if all this weren’t enough, yesterday the Boston Globe gave America another reason to support Brownback.

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