Friday, October 12, 2007

Some Important News Items from Today October 12, 2007

There are a few very significant and informative stories on LifeSiteNews list tonight.

Here are the links with a brief intro

Nobel 'Peace' Prize Awarded to De-Population, Abortion Advocate Al Gore
It is difficult for many observers to comprehend how Al Gore's promotion of his extreme alarmist, widely disputed climate change scenario and his notorious support for abortion "rights" and international family planning policies fit Alfred Nobel's stated purpose for the peace prize.

UNICEF Participates in Conference With 35 Sessions Promoting Abortion
A two-and-a-half day UN-sponsored conference [entitled “Women Deliver”] scheduled for next week is billed as addressing maternal and child health but focuses primarily on promoting abortion. The conference schedule shows that out of 98 sessions some 35 of them focus on abortion while only two address newborn health.

The Philippines Must not Join the Western World’s Demographic Disaster – Archbishop
With its birth rate and youthful workforce, the Philippines will likely avoid the economic problems that are starting to be felt in Canada, China and the countries of Western Europe. After decades of contraceptive use and abortion, most western countries of the world are facing a massive demographic implosion from below-replacement birth rates and aging populations.

Mexican "Priest" Wages Campaign to Legalize Abortion in Dominican Republic
The man, who calls himself Brother Julian Cruzalta and claims expertise in "Eco-Feminism" has been giving press conferences and speeches since arriving on October 8th, claiming that the debate over legalizing abortion has been "contaminated" by excessive emphasis on morality and religious belief, and scolding religous officials for passing judgement on a matter that he claims should be judged by women.



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