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Bringing the Pope to Canada in 2008 Will Help in Defending the Unborn

Quebec City will host the International Eucharistic Congress in June 2008. This will be a mammoth event; one which many hope will precipitate a Catholic revival in Quebec. If there is any prospect of such an ambitious outcome it will likely revolve around an appearance by Pope Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the archbishop of Quebec, goes so far as to say "This will certainly be the culmination of our efforts to re-evangelize Quebec.” About 50 cardinals and thousands of delegates from around the world will meet to foster devotion to the Eucharist.

The Pope has been invited to this Congress but up to this point has not confirmed attendance and his travel itinerary for 2008 does not indicate a visit to Quebec.

A petition campaign to bring the Pope to Quebec City is being spearheaded by former Quebec Justice Minister Marc Bellemare. In Quebec City, several businesses are contributing to this effort, including Boston Pizza. They are allowing their patrons to sign paper versions of the petition. Bellemare is also trying to get Quebec City Hall to allow the petition so that visitors can also sign.

There are numerous reasons to support an initiative to secure a visit to Canada from the Pope. From the Vote Life, Canada! point of view such a visit would tremendously highlight the issues surrounding the sanctity of life and add to the momentum generated recently in Canada by several unique and surprising events.

A strange mixture of the Great Canadian Wish List, the Reproductive Choice Campaign of the CCBR, the murder of pregnant women and fetal rights, mainstream media coverage of the ethics of legal abortion, the FCP and Ontario election, outstanding national newspaper commentary, Hollywood movies, the recent LifeCanada polling and even Britain’s abortion debate have all focused an inordinate degree of attention on the cruel and bizarre nature of the status quo on legalized child killing in Canada.

And make no mistake about it: a visit by this Pope would likely catapult the subject, in its varied dimensions, to center stage even before the Pope set foot on Canadian soil. A quick look at what happened recently in Brazil (and Austria) when the Pope visited there would be a good predictor.

Benedict XVI maintains an unceasing focus on the right to life and his very presence serves as a lightning rod to generate controversy—and much needed discussion—surrounding Christian teaching.

So whether you are Catholic or not, be aware that a visit by the Pope will benefit the cause of the Unborn in Canada like perhaps no other single event. Therefore it is a wise move for everyone to support this petition.

Be aware though that this is a petition in French. Remember—it was conceived as a local Quebec campaign. Click here and you will be taken directly to the petition.

The petition says:


Translated: I wish for Pope Benedict XVI To come to Quebec in June 2008 during the 49th International Eucharistic Congress.

Prenom=First Name

Nom=Last name

Courriel: Email address

Oh—and one last thing. This is an effort worth keeping in your prayers.

On behalf of Canada’s Unborn, thank you for your help!


This posting was the Vote Life, Canada! contribution to the Bring the Pope to Canada blogburst, organized by Suzanne at BigBlueWave.

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