Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More on Cardinal Ouellet as an Apologist for Pseudo-Catholicism in Canada

The Vote Life, Canada! press release issued this morning has fired up a number of angry parties. Some of those parties simply ruled out the message of the press release owing to the fact that Cardinal Marc Ouellet was being criticized. Apparently, as far as these people are concerned, some things simply may not ever be said, regardless of whether true or not, and regardless of whether related to the killing of thousands—no, millions—of innocent human beings.

I suppose it’s just too overwhelming. Indeed it is.

Thus far, I have heard only emotional reactions to the press release. Nobody has offered a counterargument to the statements made about the Cardinal. Some have jumped to extreme conclusions without doing any homework, without even following through on the links referenced and without making the effort to keep the remarks of the press release in context.

For those who are struggling with this press release, I urge you at a minimum to read carefully the Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops of Canada written in June past. Also, since I signed off on the press release, I remind readers that my own personal profession of faith appears online and I stand by it.

I welcome comments and discussion and if warranted, I am ready to provide more evidence to corroborate the criticisms of Cardinal Ouellet.

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