Monday, December 17, 2007

Vancouver Sun Conducts National Poll on Canada’s Morality

What do you believe is right and wrong asks the Vancouver Sun.

Find out just what kind of Canadian moral type you are by taking an online Vancouver Sun quiz at

It takes only a few minutes.

You might discover you're a strict moralist, who just can't accept abortion and homosexuality or prostitution. Or perhaps, by filling in what you think is morally acceptable or not, you'll learn you're a laissez-faire person, who believes almost anything goes when it comes to sex, animal cloning or euthanasia.

Then again, through our exclusive national opinion poll, you might be surprised to find out you belong to a large group of Canadians known as the thoughtful conservatives, who are okay with sex outside marriage but opposed to wearing fur.

Or, perhaps like many Canadians, you're an accepting MOR, a middle-of-the-road person on everything from divorce to the death penalty.

Of course, you could end up in the camp of the relativists and the uncertain, the people who have trouble deciding what they think is ethical.

Douglas Todd of the Vancouver Sun offers his take on what this poll says about the moral compass of Canadians.
Which way does your moral compass point?

Here’s one little glimpse of Todd’s analysis.

More than 60 per cent of Canadians find abortion and homosexuality morally acceptable, for instance, compared to 47 per cent of Americans who endorse homosexuality and only 43 per cent who are all right on abortion. In addition, only 54 per cent of Americans find it morally acceptable to have a baby outside marriage, compared to 83 per cent of Canadians.

The Vancouver Sun also reports on the surprising results of this poll for B.C.
We're Not So Laid-Back in Lotusland Anymore

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