Monday, January 07, 2008

China: One Child Policy Trumps Party Loyalty

Let’s hope judicial activism is at work in China as well as in Canada.

Family Research Council reports on Chinese lawsuit related to forced abortion, a story carried in Britain’s Telegraph.

In a case that is believed to be the first of its kind, China's high courts have agreed to hear the suit of a young married woman who was forced to undergo an abortion against her will. Jin Yani, who violated Chinese law by becoming pregnant five months before she wed, was ready to deliver her baby when family planning officials appeared at the couple's door. They escorted her to a local abortion center, where her unborn child was given a lethal injection and later removed from the womb. Jin lost so much blood as a result of the procedure that she was hospitalized for six weeks and, in the seven years since, has been unable to conceive. The mere fact that the Yanis' suit will be heard is a victory of seismic proportions. It is certain to draw some unwelcome attention to a deep scar on the human rights record of this year's Olympic host.

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At 4:09 AM, Blogger Mrs.Dori said...

the one child policy in China is also about adoption "rings"where babies being produced and sold specifically and there is no "one child" policy in these agencies!
..this has been in the works for years to be implemented all over the world in order for the Elite to rule over in systemic ways having more than just control on Educating the young but over their bodies!
This is what "choice" groups helped to implement, not realizing the devil they were working for or how they have been conned
People will wake up one day soon to the horror, when the feds coming knocking at their door, demanding their child too..
That is how we have been so blind


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