Monday, December 31, 2007

Angry Pro-Aborts Resent and Regret Hollywood Movie Juno

Today we get a glimpse of the significance of the movie “Juno” from the pro-baby-killers’ perspective.

On a number of recent occasions I have found news items pertaining to the new movie “Juno” intriguing and worthy of a blog posting, although time prevented such a posting. Stories such as here, here and here, all of which seemed to affirm a very significant impact and role for the movie in today’s pro-death culture.

Today the much-revered [by abortion advocates] blog RH Reality Check carries a posting by Arthur Shostak entitled Juno Misses Chance to Address Abortion Honestly.

In it he says

Indirect in its underlying condemnation of abortion on request, the film is a far more costly blow against abortion rights than anything the anti-abortion crowd could possibly hope for or ever produce - and they are big gainers (at no cost to them) from its sappy popularity.

And much more.

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