Monday, January 07, 2008

"Let No One Touch the Child." Worldwide Moratorium on Abortion Gathering Steam

Sandro Magister explains that there are two words that have resounded the loudest among both Christians and secularists: family and birth.

A very interesting article.

An initiative that goes against the grain even more emerged in Italy, during the recent Christmas festivities: the promotion of a worldwide moratorium on abortion, after the moratorium on the death penalty approved by the United Nations on December 18.

It goes against the grain because it was conceived and launched by a non-Christian intellectual, Giuliano Ferrara, founder and director of the opinion newspaper "il Foglio." And because it was immediately supported by the newspaper of the Italian bishops' conference, "Avvenire," but also by personalities of other beliefs, including Roger Scruton of England, "the most influential philosopher in the world" according to "The New Yorker."

Entire article here.

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