Sunday, December 30, 2007

Abortion Survivor Regrets Her Forced Abortion at 15 Years Old

From “The First Canadian Deals Blog”

I don’t frequent the SmartCanucks blog but I got a tip about this posting dealing with $1 Pregnancy Test Kits from Dollarama Canada. The comment that follows was made by someone named Sharnon, an abortion “survivor” who regrets her forced abortion at 15 years old.

What follows is a woman’s voice of experience, as opposed to an impersonal feminist ideology. I don’t agree with everything Sharnon said but she offers some very common sense commentary.

[Note: Some spelling, grammar corrections and paragraph breaks have been made to Sharnon’s comment.]


Just to say a couple of things. First of all you can buy a home drug test in the USA. I don’t know about Canada. Also to the person who suggested the preg test for teens so they could decide on if they should keep or terminate. How tacky!

I am speaking from experience. When I was 15 my parents MADE me have an abortion. It has caused a lifetime of heartache and self destructive behavior. Not to mention I was pregnant again by the age of 17 on purpose trying to make up for the baby that had been killed. I am now 37 yrs old and have four children so far. I want more. I also have a friend with a similar situation who has five children and want more. I believe it’s because somewhere in your subconscious you are trying to make up for the one you lost. Even though in your rational mind you know that’s not possible.

Hey here is a brilliant idea why don’t we try and educate children from an early age about first waiting to have sex. Then second if they are not going to wait then explain all the methods of birth control from most effective to least. Have open relationship with our kids so they feel comfortable coming to us no matter what. For example I taught my children from an early age Abortion is murder not a choice. You have a choice BEFORE you become pregnant.

My daughter came to me when she was 16 told me she was pregnant. I hugged her told her it would be ok. And it is. I have a wonderful 2 yr old grandson that I can’t imagine my life without. Let’s teach our kids all actions have consequences. If you don’t want kids then don’t have sex. Or at the very least not unprotected sex. But even with protection pregnancy is possible. They need to know that. So the only fool proof method of preventing pregnancy is NO SEX> but if you choose to have sex then be prepared for the possibility of a baby.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! I am sure some of you pro choicers will throw up. What about rape? Well what about adoption. Plenty of loving people would love to give a baby a home and good parents. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR MURDER> think about the double standard. If you drive drunk and hit and kill a pregnant woman you will be brought up on two counts of murder. But it’s okay to kill your unborn child through abortion. IS IT A BABY? Of course it is!

We can talk our self into anything if it inconveniences us. An unwanted pregnancy is an inconvenience so hey lets just kill it. Out of sight out of mind. I DONT THINK SO!



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