Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fundraising Ideas For Canadian Bishops

I think this is a wonderful idea for a fundraiser for any Canadian Bishop. It's entirely in tune with the Catholic Church's stance against abortion and sends a clear message to local Catholics (as well as the rest of the community) that legal abortion is still a grave injustice taking place in our society and needs addressing.
Jennifer O’Neill, star of the film Summer of ’42, will be keynote speaker for the Bishop’s 14th Annual Catholic Pro-Life Dinner, hosted by Bishop Charles Grahman to benefit the Catholic Pro-Life Committee. [Dallas, Texas]

Ms. O’Neill is national spokeswoman for the
Silent No More Awareness Campaign, an effort by Christians to "make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women and men." She has written and spoken for years about the pain and guilt brought on by her own decision to have an abortion as a young model and actress.
Most Reverend Bishops, why not give Ms. O'Neill a call? At $1000 per table, it's going to be a win-win situation for the diocese.


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