Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Texas Man Convicted Of Murder In Death Of Unborn Twins

Twice last week I did a Google News search for a story that crossed my path about a Texas man who was found guilty of murder for trampling to death the unborn twins of his pregnant girlfriend.

Guess what? No news stories appeared anywhere. Usually when I Google a news event there are hundreds if not thousands of stories to choose from.

Imagine. In all of the United States not one news outlet was carrying the story. It made me wonder if the story were true at all or whether it was just some old news that had surfaced again.

Today, I see OneNewsNow is carrying a report on the lack of news media coverage of that exact event. And now, thanks to Judie Brown of American Life League, it all makes sense.
Judie Brown with American Life League is taking issue with the lack of media coverage regarding a recent ruling handed down by a Texas appeals court involving the death of a pregnant woman and her unborn twins -- but she's not surprised.

In the opinion of a national pro-life leader, a Texas appeals court ruling against a man convicted for the killing of two unborn children, combined with the absence of news coverage of the event, illustrate that the media does not want the public to know that abortion is murder -- and that women have no so-called "right" to end the life of a child.


"The media, along with many, many judges," asserts Brown, "do not want the public to start thinking about the pre-born child in terms of his or her humanity because that would threaten the so-called 'right' to abortion."

The implications of this report are rather staggering I think. It makes one wonder whether the mainstream media are not guilty of collusion with the major pro-abortion forces in America (and Canada).

I recently blogged on this subject and today's news only corroborates that reality. It's good to get reminders of this from time to time so we can see the size and nature of our foe, but also to challenge us to do more ourselves to publicize the cause of the unborn.

There's so much more we could be doing. Why are we so silent and immobilized?

Update: Finally, I've found a report on Google News search regarding this case. It seems to me that it's not really a news story as much as it is a legal summary of sorts. First of all, I note that the report indicates the pregnant woman was not killed; only the twins died. So we see that Texas law at least grants full personhood to the unborn at every stage of gestation EXCEPT in the case of abortion, when for some strange schizophrenic reason, the unborn are deemed non-persons.

Interesting conclusion from the legal summary:

Regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court (for now) views a woman's right to bodily integrity, anyone who helps her exercise that right under circumstances that do not fall squarely within existing precedents, risks life imprisonment or the death penalty for the murder of a child.

So much for the logic of "pro-choice."


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