Saturday, February 03, 2007

Prayer The Greatest Gift To Elected Officials

Whatever you may think of George W. Bush, you have to give him credit here for echoing the words of Almighty God in the Holy Scriptures.

The greatest gift a citizen of this country can give those of us entrusted with political office is to pray for us.

Just to prove that GW Bush was speaking the truth let’s review what it was that the Apostle Paul said:

I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone--for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

And because of the source of Bush’s words they serve as a powerful reminder to Canadians as well in our fight to see justice for the nearly 300 daily unborn victims of violence in Canada.

How often do we pray for our Prime Minister? How often do we ask God to help our PM realize the responsibility he has before God to rule the nation of Canada with justice? How often do we ask God to touch the depths of his heart with the cries of the unborn?

True, our PM is committed to those whom he represents and that means a variety of Canadians with a variety of attitudes and feelings (or no feelings) towards the unborn. Remember there are many who press in on the PM daily with political agendas, analyses of polls, and massive lobbying efforts. These are all voices our PM must heed, consider and respond to. But consider too that the hearts of the majority of Canadians understand justice and fairness and although many do not have sufficient courage to stand up and defend the unborn, their sympathies are definitely with the children in the womb. The polls prove it.

And many of these Canadians carry prayers in their hearts…prayers that God hears.

To me this means that perhaps we really aren’t that far from moving the heart of God to sweep through this land and begin to speak loudly to our politicians about the cause of the unborn. Of course we have to begin to stand up ourselves and speak out for justice on behalf of God, but I believe if we make that decision and begin to put legs to our new found convictions then we can expect more from God.

Let’s begin by doing our part.

It all starts with a prayer from the heart. God is waiting. The unborn are waiting, many of them crying from heaven for their brothers and sisters presently in the womb in Canada who they know only too well are daily threatened with violence and death.

But think of what prayers for our Prime Minister can accomplish. The small, quiet but powerful voice of God in his ear can in an instant create within him a true and horrible picture of the thousands, no millions, of tiny Canadians persecuted and eliminated in Canada through unjust, ungodly laws. One horrible image of injustice…one horrible, heart-curdling cry…forever etched in our PM’s mind and heart. Justice would take on a whole new dimension in Canada.

Surely God waits to do this. He simply wants Canadians to want it as much as He does. And to ask.

Canadians, please pray now.


"Many in our country know the power of prayer," said the President. "Prayer changes hearts. Prayer changes lives. And prayer makes us a more compassionate and giving people. When we pray we surrender our will to the Almighty, and open ourselves up to His priorities and His touch. His call to love our neighbors as we would like to be loved ourselves is something that we hear when we pray. And we answer that call by reaching out to feed the hungry and clothe the poor and aid the widow and the orphan. By helping our brothers and sisters in need, we find our own faith strengthened, and we receive the grace to lead lives of dignity and purpose."


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