Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Love is a Dangerous Thing: Sexual Desire Is A Genie

I hesitate to recommend a book that I’ve never read but this one does indeed sound like it could be a help in forming correct sexuality attitudes among young people just starting out on the road to romance and marriage.

"Romance is a sleeping giant not to be aroused before we are mature enough to handle its joys and responsibilities," says professor and pastor, Anthony Selvaggio. "Hollywood and biblical examples show that matters of the heart are extremely dangerous."

I especially like this summary of advice for singles:

Wisdom for Singles:

Know what to look for. Avoid a fool, who argues and lacks self-control.

Know what to look like. Preserve your physical and emotional purity beginning with your thought life to be ready to give yourself to the right person. Sexual desire is a genie which, once released, cannot easily be put back into the bottle.

Know how to look. A spouse will not just fall into your lap; you must actively search.

Know to seek advice from those who know you well.

Part of the challenge we face in dealing with and ending the grave injustice of abortion is helping our fellow Canadians to realize that our attitudes toward sexuality are of prime importance in developing a principled opposition to that injustice. The twisted and perverted notion of sexuality which is prevalent today in our society continues to victimize Canadians, particularly women, children and most viciously, the unborn.


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