Tuesday, February 06, 2007

LifeSiteNews Interviews Pro-Life Filmakers

This is an encouraging development for pro-lifers.

Take a moment if possible to read this interview with producers Jonathon & Deborah Flora of the recent film, "A Distant Thunder." Apparently this husband-wife team are now preparing to produce a feature length movie reflecting on the theme of life and its value.

In the interview, Deborah states:
Well, I am the actress in it and the good thing is I have a wonderful director. I am a professional actress but it means so much when you can act and use your skills for something that you believe in. And, what we found, too, is that abortion is the one issue, that no matter what side you are on, you can’t talk about. Nobody wants to discuss it –you mention the word - a barrier goes up.
Anything that gets people talking about abortion is a good thing. Evil and injustice thrive in darkness and in secret and the sooner you bring it to light the sooner it gets revealed for what it is.


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