Thursday, February 01, 2007

Latest Watchword from Planned Parenthood: “Sexual Fluidity”

Is Planned Parenthood on a quest to normalize all manner of sexual sins?

Considering their record, we’d have to say “Yes.”

Canadians need to go beyond a superficial analysis of Planned Parenthood, an international organization, recently renamed Canadian Federation for Sexual Health in Canada.

STOPP reports this week on the latest activities of PP.

On its main site, Planned Parenthood presents an interview with Maria Magganeti, writer/director of Puccini for Beginners. This movie follows the life of a young woman through a homosexual relationship, fornicating with a man and into a simultaneous relationship with another man and woman. The movie promotes not only homosexual acts but also the gamut of sexual sins, or as PP calls it, “sexual fluidity.”

Similarly, its web site for teens has an interview with the author of Polly, Amy Bryant. Again, Planned Parenthood is intimately involved. Ms. Bryant is an employee of Planned Parenthood and an editor of PP describes her book as “following a teenage girl's sexual exploits from middle school through college and frankly addresses sex, birth control, and abortion.” Time and time again throughout the interview it is mentioned that this book talks about sex so explicitly because it is “entertaining.” That is the precise notion that Planned Parenthood wants to get across to our children, that sex is for recreation, not an intimate expression of love to be shared solely with one’s spouse. Of course that is not all; PP also wants to indoctrinate kids into buying its products while they engage in these sexual sins. At the end of the interview Ms. Bryant says something very telling about PP’s agenda when asked why she sent her character to a clinic: Polly wanted to go on the pill, so it made sense to send her to Planned Parenthood.

Canadians cannot continue to accept the “sexualization” agenda of dangerous and immoral organizations like PP and still hope to have a safe society for their children and a society which respects life.

As STOPP has noted:

Planned Parenthood promotes a type of sex-education for children that denies the very truth and meaning of human sexuality. Such perverted education breaks down natural inhibitions, which then leads to greater promiscuity. As a result, there is an increased demand for artificial birth control and abortion. A long-term effect of such education is that it tends to create citizens who will support Planned Parenthood’s agenda.


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