Thursday, February 22, 2007

Telus Fiasco Proves ProLifers Can Save Unborn Babies

The recent controversy over Telus' decision to offer its cell phone customers pay per view pornography has ended. Today it was reported that Telus recanted and has dropped their plans.

Perhaps it had something to do with Bishop Henry's announced support yesterday of Archbishop Roussin's campaign. Surely Telus is aware of Bishop Henry's reputation for courage and tenacity in such moral battles as these.

All Canadians owe a debt of gratitude to both these Bishops, and to many others who spoke up against the immoral plan advanced by Telus. I was actually surprised that Telus backed down so quickly.

I marvel at how much good can be accomplished in our society when we Christians [even a relatively few in number] are willing to stand up, defend Christian morals and call others into the fray. How quickly the giants sometimes vanish!

I can’t help wonder when we will be bold enough to do the same in defending the unborn from death in the womb by legalized abortion. God speed that day! But the Bishops indeed performed a vital service in renewing society’s confidence in moral and spiritual leadership. Perhaps through their example we will soon see other evil giants defeated in our land.

This event dramatically illustrates the power that a few principled and determined individuals can exert upon an issue and an entire country. It also should encourage pro-lifers to find a more effective way to imitate the same principle on a nation wide scale in order to give unborn children the same rights which all Canadians enjoy.


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