Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lessons In Speaking Up

A story here about parents and grandparents who this past week beat back a California “no-spanking” bill.

This home-invasion bill has been stopped cold by parents and grandparents who know that to love children is to discipline them and show them the way to live.

And another story from Kathy Shaidle reporting that the Knights of Malta have withdrawn pro-abortion politician Terry McAuliffe’s membership application!


...the Knights office in DC was flooded with emails and calls.

What can we learn from these recent happenings?

Very simple.

Mobilizing people to speak up works. Sometimes it achieves amazing results. Other times it doesn’t seem to produce the results we hope for. But make no mistake about it: if our opposition to injustice is principled (founded on truth) and disciplined (founded on order and self control) in time we will prevail.

What application does this have in the fight to protect the unborn?

Again, very simply this: If we daily strengthen our resolve to speak up for the unborn in Canada, and pursue that agenda with principle and discipline, we will see laws instituting full rights for unborn human beings.

Canadians, let’s get mobilized. Let’s get on the move. Vote Life, Canada!


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