Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby-Making Needed In Canada

On Friday past, an editorial entitled “Baby-making Needed” by Licia Corbella of the Calgary Sun appeared in the Edmonton Sun newspaper.

Be prepared for more and more of these kinds of messages because Canada’s demographics are beginning to catch up on us. As Licia noted, the simple message is that Canada’s prevailing birthrate will lead inevitably to social disaster if not quickly addressed.

Canada's census figures came out this week to much chest thumping from politicians, commentators and others.

As usual, most of the mainstream media and government analysts missed the key point, which is this -- Canada's census numbers add up to impending social disaster.

The question is asked bluntly,

“…who will pay for all of those social programs and hip replacements? New immigrants? Nope. Studies show on the whole new immigrants consume more services than they pay for.”

No satisfying answer, in fact, can be given to this question under Canada’s present value system. It requires a dynamic, youthful population not only to ensure a hopeful future for a nation, but also to pay the bills for those who are aging. So how can Canada regain the necessary good balance in its population?

"The only way to stop the Canadian aging process," states the Statscan report, "is to increase fertility."

You would think that Canada’s experts would be all over this crisis. You would think they have it covered and a plan has been implemented to right Canada’s sinking ship. But no, unfortunately the experts cannot speak the unspeakable, which is exactly what Licia, spoke—baby-making is required. The whole subject of babies and family size floods over too easily into the subject of women’s rights, family “planning,” and the A-word, abortion. None of it is politically correct, to the sad detriment of Canada’s future, and so the politicians won’t mention it or venture to address it.

So, how are governments dealing with this demographic disaster? They're not. In fact, their tax policies and ever-increasing social programs make things worse.

Licia gets closer to the heart of things and makes an excellent point when she says,

What's more, while abortion is fully funded without question in every province, fertility treatments are not. Ontario is the only province that funds in vitro fertilization (IVF), but only for prime candidates.

It's true and its madness that Canadians sponsor child-killing with their tax dollars but unfortunately, IVF is fundamentally immoral and it’s quite obvious anyway that funding IVF is not going to solve Canada’s birth crisis. As I said, Licia came somewhat close to the heart of the matter before she veered off into IVF. But perhaps that was just her way of citing an example.

Nevertheless Licia ended on the right note when she spoke of “…giving couples incentives to have babies,” and with an alarming warning, “Anything less is suicide to our way of life.”

If we take her comments seriously we will first of all stop all child killing in Canada, and secondly take immediate steps to encourage in every possible way more “baby-making.”

Vote Life, Canada! says “Thank-You,” Licia Corbella.



At 12:45 AM, Blogger Ken DV said...

Jonathan Wellum of the Work Research Foundation has given an excellent presentation on the economic dangers of our declining birth rate. Listen to it at .

At 1:33 AM, Blogger ELA said...

Thanks Ken, I'll check this out and have a listen. I've never heard of WRF (shame on me!) but in light of the Vote Life, Canada! project, if there's anything else you think might be helpful, please let me know.
Thanks again.


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