Thursday, April 05, 2007

Toronto Bishop Takes Immediate Stand In Favour Of Unborn

This is good news!

Whenever Christian leaders of significant stature speak decisively for life, and contrary to the killing of innocent unborns, they fulfill some of their most crucial earthly duties and I am sure Heaven celebrates. Particularly loud is the chorus of 3 million plus unborn voices in heaven who were destined by God to be born in Canada, but whose lives were ended violently, but legally, by the will of the democratic peoples of Canada.

I sometimes wonder what will be the greeting in heaven for the average Christian by that vast multitude? Will there be shame in heaven? These are questions not easily answered but sobering for the one who seeks to live a truly consistent Christian lifestyle.

God Bless You, Bishop Stephen Chmilar, Catholic Ukrainian Bishop of Toronto and Eastern Canada.

And Thank You for stirring the pot. This was a wonderful and sweet victory. All those who appreciate the sweetness of this news should consider writing the Bishop expressing profound thanks. I personally called the office of the Ukrainian Eparchy, expressing my support of the Bishop's actions.

To contact Bishop Chmilar:
Most Rev. Stephen Victor Chmilar
Ukrainian Bishop of Toronto and Eastern Canada
(416) 746-0154


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