Thursday, April 05, 2007

Life Is Not Subject To A Vote

So says Bishop Marcelino Hernandez, auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of Mexico, who has issued an explicit warning to Mexico City’s legislatures cautioning them that, should they vote in favor of proposed legislation that would legalize abortion, they would be automatically excommunicated upon the death of the first baby under the new law. The Bishop explained
that the Church would not need to issue an official excommunication – the very actions of the lawmakers would automatically put them outside the Church. “The person excommunicates himself, it's not that the Church goes around with a rod, looking for people who make mistakes, in order to hit them on the head.”

Hernandez further explained the Church’s position saying, “Life is not subject to a vote.”
This is plain and simple Catholic Church teaching and the Bishop is being very responsible in pointing it out. If he failed to do so, he would in fact be complicit not only in the passing of the legislation and the deaths of millions of unborns, but also in the spiritual deaths of those involved in the legalized abortions.

That's a proper perspective on social justice and God's justice. The sooner ALL Christian leaders begin making such public announcements, with attendant warnings of God's judgment, the sooner unborn children will be safe in the womb and the sooner our world will begin its return to peace and sanity.



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