Saturday, April 21, 2007

Catholics Pleading With Bishops Over Abortion

The ongoing struggle within Catholic circles continues unabated over discipline of pro-abortion Catholic politicians by their Bishops. Mostly we hear reports from the US.

I have blogged previously about the problem.

Here's a current report.
In January, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Archbishop Wuerl’s revealing remarks at an event in Washington in which he expressed annoyance with lay Catholics who urge him to confront pro–abortion Catholic politicians: “His temptation, he said, was to reply with, ‘What are YOU doing about it? How is your voice heard?’” reported the Pittsburgh newspaper.

His rejoinder makes no sense. Members of the laity, after all, have been “doing” a great deal to counteract pro–abortion Catholic politicians. All they are asking is that the bishops back them up and exercise the authority they alone possess to protect the sacraments and dispel scandal. The faithful are petitioning him not out of disdain for his office, but out of recognition of its supreme importance in saving souls.


In the interview with KCBS, Archbishop Niederauer said that his role is not to play “gatekeeper” of the Eucharist. Yes, it is. As Jesus Christ told his first bishops, shepherds are gatekeepers, and when they don’t guard the gate, the flock get eaten.
What's happening in Canada in this regard?

Much the same, although the debate is certainly not as fierce in Canada or as prominent, but does surface from time to time.

It is however just as crucial an issue for saving unborns from being legally killed in the womb. After all, Catholics in Canada, as well as those in the US are in the same Church, subject to the same teachings, and under the one Pope.


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