Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Few Good (Young) Men Needed

Albert Mohler discusses the 21st Century young men who make up the Army [Yeah, I'm sure Canada's soldiers will more or less fall into his American soldier categories].

It's an interesting look at today's generation because, as Mohler notes
Inevitably, the armed services are a mirror held up to the nation. When we look at our soldiers, we see the profile of a generation.
After giving credit to the Army for doing something right in "transforming several thousand young men from this generation each year and turning them into soldiers," he asks
How about the Church? How is the Church faring in its own challenge to reach this generation of young men... Are we seeing them transformed from boys into men, from followers into leaders, from undisciplined young males into faithful disciples of Jesus?
I certainly hope many in this generation are being reached but I fear the numbers are falling far short. As Mohler says,
If anything, our challenge is greater than that faced by the Army. Beyond that, the stakes are even higher for the Church than for the military.
Since the Church forms a society morally and spiritually, the stakes are unquestionably higher for an entire generation. That's why this event, although not well reported at all by the media, generates so much promise and hope.


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