Saturday, June 16, 2007

Methodist Pastor And Congregation Stage 60 Day Protest To Defend Unborn

From the California Catholic Daily comes a report of a young pastor and young adults from his Methodist congregation who decided to go on record publicly against the killing of unborn children.

Their 60 day protest involves the use of graphic images as well. It's making a difference, according to testimonies given. If only other Church leaders were not so cowardly about showing the truth of abortion.

They are to be commended for choosing this courageous action.

Why are so few Christians, especially pastors, doing nothing to register their opposition, even though many of them say they believe abortion is absolutely wrong? Don't they believe in being salt and light? Do they believe that evangelism and evangelism only can make a difference?
Beginning on June 1, young adults from Fountain Valley Methodist Church began standing in front of Westminster Planned Parenthood every day for 60 days with signs that show the truth of abortion.

The vision began last month as God placed it on the hearts of three members of the church to be the voice of the innocent victims of abortion for 60 days.

On day 4, it was clear that Planned Parenthood was getting nervous. They set up their own "counter propaganda" booth outside with free goodies and called in extra workers to make it look like their clinic was a fun place to be.

The young people have seen great fruit from this work, even in the few days since its beginning. One woman approached the group and confessed that she had an abortion, but now believes it was wrong and she prayed to God for forgiveness. Another young man admitted that he had never seen anything like the image on the graphic sign before, and he was apathetic about abortion, but now he said he is passionately against it. Others who pass by honk in support and seem to feel encouraged that their own pro-life stance is validated by the presence of pro-lifers outside the clinic.

A young soldier who served in Iraq came and thanked us for exercising the rights that so many people had fought for us to have. We also prayed with him because he was suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder.

So far, there are nine persons participating; most are college students. In order to persevere through 60 straight days, they will need some more support! Please make plans to join this group of faithful pro-lifers outside Planned Parenthood.

When: Every day from June 1 through the end of July
Where: Planned Parenthood-Westminster, 14372 Beach Blvd., Westminster Contact: Pastor Dan Nehrbass, (949) 533-3853, email:
Why not send the pastor an email, commending and encouraging him for his decisive stand?


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