Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jail Time For Women Who Commit Abortions?

It all started on YouTube—a video project on the Libertyville Abortion demonstration where pro-life protesters seemed unable to provide the answer to the cameraman’s question: Were abortion to be illegal in the future, what sentence should be given for women who abort?

Anna Quindlen subsequently stepped into the picture with her Newsweek commentary, “How Much Jail Time?”

Anna’s comments prompted a response from leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, the nation's largest network of women and men harmed by abortion.

This may seem like just another spat in the endless controversy over legalized child-murder in the US (and Canada.) However, some very important points are raised in this particular incident and those concerned about making gains in defending unborn children are well advised to explore this story and bolster their pro-life expertise for the next opportunity which presents itself. This is crucial strategy for waging successful war against the culture of death.

So, returning to the story at hand, should pro-lifers squirm at the question of punishment for the mother who would abort?

Not at all.

National Review came up with a series of excellent responses by pro-life experts.

Use these as tools to sharpen your truth-telling skills. As always, the truth is our best defense as well as our best offense. And Jesus Christ, Truth Incarnate, declared to all mankind the path to true freedom: “…the truth shall set you free.”

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