Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yes, Some Teenage Women Are Mass Murderers

Pro-lifers are often heard saying that no woman ever sets out [when engaging in sexual relations] to have an abortion. In comparing abortion to embryonic stem cell research, I've said the same thing myself.

But this story from Great Britain pushes that line to the limit.

Using a non-legal [by Canadian standards] definition of murder, and acknowledging the God-given directive, abortion is murder whether the mother is fully informed or not. Of course a person's intent and circumstances play a part, as they do in all murders, but nevertheless whenever an abortion is performed, an innocent human being is violently killed.

If a society permits one individual to murder without consequences, why should it bother to highlight the actions of a mass murderer? Why should it even be newsworthy?

After all, if one abortion is ok, why not six...or even ten?

Unless something is desperately askew?


The girl of 18 who has had SIX abortions


Last updated at 10:04am on 6th August 2007

As many as one in 22 teenage girls in some parts of the country had an abortion last year, according to official figures.

In total, a record 18,619 under-18s had terminations - despite a multimillion-pound Government campaign to bring down the numbers.

One 18-year-old had her sixth abortion in 2006. Another 135 girls under 14 terminated their pregnancies.


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