Monday, December 24, 2007

Abortion the Most Anti-Christian and Un-Christmas Choice of All

The following is a Christmas message to all those on the Vote Life, Canada! mailing list.


Dear friends of Vote Life, Canada!

The birth of Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, into this world 2000 years ago signaled the most explosive event in the history of creation, outside of creation itself.

God became Man in order to save man.

We ponder this mystery anew especially at Christmas time. No doubt much of the mystery and wonder is expressed very superficially by our modern minds and lifestyles but nevertheless that sense of wonder remains and permeates this world in a pervasive, global display each year.

Christmas is, and always will be, distinctively Christian but it’s a celebration which for the most part always seems to be fashionable and politically correct even with non-Christians, other world religions and yes, even atheists. Even Richard Dawkins, the “post-Christian atheist,” acknowledges his cultural Christian roots and unhesitatingly wishes people a “Merry Christmas” during the “holiday” season.

What possible message could God, awesome Creator of the universe, be sending mankind by choosing such a humble pathway as the birth of a child, His Child? It seems so ordinary, so unspectacular, so natural that it confounds the imagination—certainly the faith—of many who strain to find the super-natural element.

Yes, so natural.

But not natural in the sense of Mother Nature but natural in the sense of God’s natural order—the order of the One who performed the act of creation. And that order cannot be separated from the Creator’s purpose.

In this explosive act God says not only “Amen” to His created order—that of bringing every new human life into existence in the shelter of a mother’s womb—but He sanctified the entire “ordinary” event with the Most Holy Presence of Jesus Christ His Son. Every womb and every birth since that One now has His sacred fingerprints, His super-natural blessing.

Which is why abortion is perfectly anti-Christian—the most hellishly perfect assault on God, on Christ, on mankind, on family and on human life itself.

Abortion, “choice on earth,” represents the most horrific and insidious delusion of our times, perhaps of all times, hypnotizing and paralyzing even the elect.

In exact antithesis, the Christmas message emphatically presents a “reason for the season” which is nothing short of the eternal Reason of God. Every child, regardless of circumstances and imperfection—even the shocking scandalous circumstances of the Christ Child’s conception—is a gift of God bringing divine hope to a fallen world and that child must be guaranteed free and protected entrance into this world.

In this imperfect, badly bruised cultural and societal body representing the culmination of two thousand years of “Western” civilization—and which we call home—still beats a distinctively Christian heart. Furthermore, I maintain that it is our society’s consensus that democracy, though itself a very imperfect instrument, is best suited to human nature and Christian peoples and therefore an enormous but historically costly gift from God (when wisely used).

This blessed instrument is fueled by the vote of its citizens, a vote which currently tolerates—and legally protects—the most anti-Christian, ungodly and inhumane conduct towards a fellow human being created in the image of God. Please consider this simple but infinitely tragic Canadian reality when you think of the work and mission of Vote Life, Canada! and urge all Canadians to please, “Vote Life, Canada!

Have a most Blessed Christmas and Thank You! for helping us to resound this joyous message.

Eric Alcock

President, Vote Life, Canada!



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