Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pro-Aborts Concede Growing Opposition to Abortion in Canada

Says international abortion advocate Pamela Pizarro
A well organized and vocal opposition to abortion has started to take root in Canada and with the upcoming anniversary of the Morgentaler decision pro-choice activists will have their work cut out for them.

In a post entitled “Canada's Challenges in 2008” Pizarro cites the Unborn Victims of Violence Bill as worthy of first mention, identifying it as a “reproductive health” issue.

Here in Canada there are a number of issues that are going to come up in the new year in regards to sexual and reproductive health and rights. The first being an issue that I discussed in my last posting -- and that is the Unborn Victims of Violence Bill that will once again be debated in Canada's House of Commons. Support from the pro-choice side is strong, but fighting the anti-choice agenda will be difficult.

Isn’t it a little strange Pizarro claims the Bill is a “reproductive health” issue yet in the same breath she also concedes the bill has “strong” support from the poor-choice side? It clearly puts her in the extremist camp.

Come to think of it, poor-choicers are always advocating for the extreme path. Instead of helping women to eliminate the crisis, they “empower” women to eliminate the child.

There's nothing more extreme (or deadly) than that.



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