Thursday, February 01, 2007

Babies Need Protestants, Too

Protestant Ken Marotte compliments Catholics for their opposition to abortion but then asks an important question concerning the pro-life movement.

But where are the Protestants? What gives?

And then he goes on to elaborate:

The situation becomes even more puzzling in light of recent research — this from ABC — that 63% of Protestant evangelicals think abortion should be illegal "in all or most cases," compared to 45% of Catholics. The Pew Research Center uncovered similar results, with Protestants 3% more likely to oppose abortion than Catholics. Again, what gives?

Judging from surveys and polls, perhaps Protestants are, deep down, truly opposed to abortion. But upon entering the pew each Sunday, they are taught that Christ's love extends to the "troubled woman" (and to the ostensible right to eradicate her own progeny). And so they decide to shelve their convictions, principle be damned.

Throughout the course of history, Protestant Christianity has prided itself on its fidelity to the unadulterated and inerrant Word of God. Folks who still remain devoted to this legacy understand abortion for the brutality it is; for indeed, they realize that God hates the "shedding of innocent blood," and knows us before we are " the womb."

Thanks for the honesty Ken, because the unborn (babies) of Canada do in fact need Protestants (and all others of moral standing) as well to raise their voices and to Vote Life!

Vote Life, Canada! is dedicated to and focused on reawakening Christians of all stripes to the atrocity of abortion. Contact us to see what we can do to help activate your congregation.


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