Thursday, February 01, 2007

Could Scientists Be Misleading Public on Humanity of Embryos?

We’ve seen this before. It happens (in Canada) far more often than we realize; secular bullies marginalizing people of faith and people who respect the truth. The more that we retreat from that bullying the worse off will be our society. And the longer innocent lives will pay the price of our silence.

Don’t think it won’t affect us. The next innocent could be your grandchild or your grandfather because disrespect for life affects both ends of the life continuum…birth and death. There is a very strong correlation between the entrenched “right” in Canada to abort an unborn child, embryonic stem cell research and the creeping threat of euthanasia.

A leading U.S. researcher in adult stem cell technology has stated there is no legitimate scientific justification for questioning when human life begins.

Ouch! I think I just heard practically the entire field of research science gasp!

That simply was not correct political phraseology.

Furthermore, Dr. James Sherley

accused some of his colleagues of deliberately misleading the public about the beginnings of human life in order to justify embryonic research.

I am upset when I hear knowing scientists needlessly confuse and mislead people who look to them for objectivity and integrity, he said.

Bravo, Dr. Sherley!

Like thousands of other multicellular organisms on this planet, human beings start life as a single cell embryo, the product of the union of a complete human genome and the programming cytoplasm of a human egg. This union occurs at fertilization.

[For a fascinating look at the miraculous process of fertilization, go here.]

Whether or not the embryo has yet developed spinal nerves or self-awareness is an irrelevant point made to distract and confuse. I challenge the promoters of human embryonic stem cell research to justify why another human embryonic life is less worthy than their own was.

Dr. Sherley is paying a price for his faithfulness to science and the truth.

Read the article and perhaps you'd like to try to do something in support of Dr. Sherley.



At 11:51 PM, Blogger SUZANNE said...

Part of the confusion stems from the fact that "human being" and "person" are at time used interchangeably, at times used distinctively, as it serves the interest of liberals.


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