Friday, August 10, 2007

Christian Vote May Be Decisive in Australian Election

It’s good to see a headline like this one. It’s a hopeful sign that Christians are making their presence known in their society.

Why else would a journalist consider that the collective voice of Christians in an election is likely to sway the outcome?

We’d see the same kind of headlines here in Canada if Christians shook off their apathy and spoke up loudly on moral issues—and most loudly on the greatest injustice and evil taking place daily in our midst.

But we need the leaders of Christ’s Church to provide bold and fearless leadership to Christians.

Aug. 9 (Bloomberg) -- For Jim Wallace, a former Special Air Service soldier who's seen action in Southern Lebanon and Rwanda, the problem with Australian politics is its lack of faith.

``We've heard about climate change, the economy and work laws. It's time to get religion back on the agenda,'' said Wallace, managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby. ``We want to see policies focusing on social justice and morals,'' he said.

Liberal Prime Minister John Howard and main opposition Labor leader Kevin Rudd are listening. At a Christian rally in Canberra today they outlined their religious views and policies, with their comments broadcast live over the Internet to 1,400 churches around the country. Wallace's group, which organized the event, estimated an audience of 200,000.

``I don't know of any lobby that could gather these two leaders in the same place,'' said John Warhurst, a professor specializing in political-interest groups at Australian National University in Canberra. ``It's a sign religion is back in the political arena, and the Christian vote could be a deciding factor.''


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