Thursday, August 09, 2007

Who Speaks For America's (And Canada's) Evangelicals?

That’s a very good question to ask, but unfortunately there’s no clear answer. However, raising the question may prompt some Christians to give second thought to an aspect of Christian leadership not often discussed.

Every organization of people needs a spokesperson if it’s to be a credible group or if the group has a worthwhile purpose, certainly if it expects to accomplish an urgent goal. Coca Cola has its CEO and so does IBM. The Catholic Church has a Pope.

So who speaks for America’s Evangelicals? Or Canada’s Evangelicals? Do they not hope to accomplish anything useful or urgent, such as incorporating a biblical world view in their nation? What about change on the level of social justice through political means in society? [Considering the biblical mandate as a whole, that would seem to be a modest goal.]

Or is there some inherent fundamental flaw which exists among them that prevents such leadership?

Wouldn’t it be wise for Evangelicals to try to resolve such questions and the fractured image and voice they present in our society?

Division among Christians is a prime deterrent to securing legal rights for unborn children who are human beings like you and me, created in the image of God.



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