Friday, August 10, 2007

Is CBR Reinventing the Prolife Movement?

According to Bryan McKinney, national prolife activist, The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform is “the most effective pro-life organization in the world.” The Canadian branch of the same organization, the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, has been in the news in a big way this week, shocking Calgarians.

In this forum posting dated Wednesday of this week, Brian says

In 1990 an organization called The Center for Bioethical Reform brought us something that we didn't have in over 20 years of legalized abortion—hope to end this genocide.

I put together their national prolife talk onto video as I am associated closely with them and want to pass it on to the world to those who can help spread this message.

I put the 11 part video onto YouTube with an introduction.

Brian has posted a lot of video on YouTube. I watched Part 1 of 11.

See what you think of the series.

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