Saturday, February 03, 2007

Population Explosion Crisis Still Making News

We’ve been hearing that tune for so long now, I think most people have bought into the lie. alerted its readers to a new report warning of the crucial need for international population control. It was produced by a UK Parliamentary committee that is funded by the largest abortion providers in the international abortion industry.

That’s a great start. Could we honestly expect the abortion industry to be unbiased in commissioning and advancing such a report?

Entitled Return of the Population Growth Factor: Its impact upon the Millennium Development Goals, the report repeats familiar warnings of population growth outstripping available resources and causing world poverty. At the center of the document is a call for increased foreign aid to fund even more population control programs in developing countries.

The authors blame “conservative religious and political forces” for withdrawing attention from increasing world population by conspiring to shift attention towards the need to support aging citizens in western nations experiencing radical population decline. As well, the authors blame “religious opposition” to family planning as among the factors blocking family planning initiatives.

It’s worth your while to read this news item if you’re not familiar with this subject.

Then read Steven Mosher’s article from 1997 about the population explosion lie. He hits the myth with facts, figures and insight that will bring things in focus.

While the population of portions of Africa, Asia and Latin America will continue to grow for several more decades, the rest of the world will soon be in demographic free fall. The bottom line: Population will peak at seven billion or so in 2030, and then begin a long descent.


How have those in the population-control crowd taken all this "good" news? Their response has been curiously schizophrenic. On the one hand, they are quick to claim credit for progress made and ask for money "to finish the job." But in the same breath, they hotly deny that they are principally interested in reducing human fertility at all, claiming they have other laudable goals in mind, such as reducing maternal and infant mortality, improving reproductive health care, "investing in women," and the like.


Humanity's long-term problem is not going to be too many children, but too few: too few children to fill the schools and universities, too few young people entering the work force, too few couples buying homes and second cars. In short, too few consumers and producers to drive the economy forward.

So what have the population control advocates learned? Absolutely nothing it seems. Ten years since Mosher’s article and the report this week from LifeSiteNews only confirms that these people are too blinded by their population control, family planning and reproductive health care (abortion) agendas to break out of their alternative reality and get a good look at the truth.



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