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"Real" And Principled Political Leaders Come From "Real" And Principled Voters

Over at Freedom Blog, a good posting appeared just two days ago and brings something very helpful to light. I don’t know who Freedom Blog is and I haven’t visited the site before but I do know he/she has a right sense of justice for the Unborn. That goes a L-O-N-G way with me. I’ll refer to the blog writer from this point forward as FB.

Pro-lifers in Canada often share the same sentiments as those that surface in FB's posting entitled “The worst of the worst when it comes to politicians.” FB starts off right away and makes his point.

Nothing bugs me more, then when a politician has a strong belief in something, then has the power to change it, and then doesn't do it for fear of losing support or votes.


…A classic case is Abortion.


… Now if you ask any conservative MP, they are against abortion. They agree that abortion is murder. So why are they not doing more to stop it?

I mean, they believe babies are being murdered.....should this not be the #1 issue this government should be tackling???

I mean we are off fighting wars in Afghanistan, and in our own country we have babies being killed everyday. Should the government not put the same resources into fighting abortion as it does fighting the Taliban? I mean these are innocent babies!!!

Oh........I get it. You might not win the next election if you do that. You have to "move to the center". You are willing to allow babies to be killed for your own selfish political interests.

FB then takes some shots at PM Harper who he characterizes as a weak leader and wonders why Harper is not more concerned about his inevitable meeting with God than about temporal politics. He ends his posting with a reference to “pro-life” politicians.

I can understand a politician who thinks a fetus is just a "clump of cells” not doing anything about abortion. I mean they don't think the baby is a person. But when a pro-life politician who knows better, continues to allow the murder of hundreds of children, and does nothing, it makes me sick. Now that is truly criminal.

I really sympathize with FB but I believe he has too simplistic a view of politicians and perhaps he’s naive when it comes to “pro-life” politicians. Yet I’ve heard the same kinds of viewpoints from many active pro-lifers.

In my comment to the blog posting I tried to point out something which is extremely important for all pro-lifers to keep in mind.

I share your frustration on the subject of politicians doing nothing about child-killing in Canada.

However, they walk a fine line when it comes to trying to properly represent Canadians. I'm not making excuses for them whatever but I am noting that if they are unsure of the level of support for a particular issue they will not be ready to stick their necks out. In an important sense this is only to be expected.

The greater crime is that moral minded Canadians have not banded together effectively in order to send clear messages to politicians. This starts at the voting booth, through following a firm set of principles by which to elect truly "pro-life" politicians.

Vote Life, Canada! has developed a set of guiding principles by which Canadians ought to vote and is seeking to promote these wherever possible. In the pamphlet, "How to Vote Life" these principles are outlined.

Baseless promotion? Not at all. It’s simple reality. Canadians must begin to register their views and concerns about child-killing in Canada through the voting process, and in a more precise, focused manner. Until then, nobody, least of all politicians, is going to get the message and the label “pro-life” will simply continue to be another convenient add-on label to secure a few more votes.

Moral minded Canadians, and particularly Christians, must take a much more principled approach to eradicating the evil of abortion from this land and that means first acknowledging their failure to really make legalized child-killing the priority it is. Preceding such a change in approach, Christians must have their eyes opened to their own apathy—and their complicity—in regards to the holocaust of the Unborn and unquestionably there must then follow a suitable degree of repentance.

Let’s stop blaming politicians, take responsibility for our own personal failures in this regard, and start to mobilize a voting bloc which supports human rights for ALL human beings.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Leave The Real Killing To The Pros

This cartoon comes by way of Jill Stanek, US pro-life blogger extraordinaire, and appears on WorldNetDaily.

It's a great intro to a piece I wrote in April about the VT massacre.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Britain Using Graphic Images To Show The Truth

I hope the outrage and controversy can be contained.

I hope nobody thinks the images are an affront to human dignity.

But as the British government noted, since “words failed to stamp out” the societal blight, a program of graphic images must be utilized.

Sounds like rationale from the CCBR rulebook.

Apparently when words fail to achieve changes in social behaviour, more visual and graphic means may be employed.

This image provided by Britain's Department of Health showing a healthy lung, left and a diseased lung, right, is one of the graphic pictures to be place on packs of cigarettes to discourage smokers. Words failed to stamp out smoking, so Britain will require graphic pictures of diseased organs on cigarette packs next year, the government announced Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007.

The images include a diseased lung, a chest cut open for heart surgery, and a large tumor on a man's neck. In all,
Britain chose 15 images from a selection developed by the European Commission. Britain will be the first member of the European Union to require such warnings, Health Secretary Alan Johnson said. The new warnings will be required on cigarette packs in the second half of 2008, the department said. (AP Photo/Department of Health/ho)

Story details here.

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Eugenics And Culture Of Perfection Kills Two Innocent Unborns

Every abortion is tragic and deadly, sometimes doubly so.

Italian Hospital Aborts Healthy Twin and Leaves Handicapped Sibling
Mother returns and has Down syndrome child aborted

, Italy, August 27, 2007 ( - A fierce abortion debate has erupted in Italy after a mother pregnant with twins reported doctors to the authorities for aborting her healthy unborn baby while leaving the handicapped one alive.

Italian news agencies recently discovered that a hospital killed the "wrong" child in a pair of unborn twins in June. According to media reports, after the 38-year old woman discovered the so-called "mistake", she returned and had the second one, who was suffering from Down Syndrome, aborted. She then reported medical staff, who are currently under investigation by the police.

Rest of article here and here.

How can we tolerate such evil and disgusting practices?

Actually, this kind of horror happens every day in Canada.

You say, Really? I’ve never heard of such a ghastly mistake in Canada.

Oh, but you must have forgot—EVERY abortion is a ghastly mistake.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scotland’s Cardinal O’Brien Resigns From Amnesty International

This is good news.

The second Bishop to bailout.

How I wish Bishops had done this a few weeks ago or really, anytime over the past year, ever since Amnesty was forced to confess it was considering abortion advocacy. Had there been a wholesale exodus of Catholics, and particularly high profile Catholics, especially Bishops, from Amnesty’s membership over the last number of months, AI would hardly have dared to pursue its evil plans. This posting went into more detail.

Now it may be a case of “too little, too late.” I hope not but that may well be the sad reality.

Why Catholic leaders everywhere did not take this threat seriously I simply cannot understand. What were they thinking? Were they thinking at all?

Take note, what we are witnessing is the emergence of an entirely new and extremely powerful international organization dedicated to giving every woman on the planet the “right” to kill their unborn child.

This is nothing less than the overnight appearance of an evil twin of Planned Parenthood or the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Am I exaggerating when I say that this new policy direction for AI could result in the death warrants of millions more of the world’s Unborn?

I don’t think so.

So why weren’t Catholic Bishops taking action earlier?

And why didn’t we hear from any other influential Christian leaders in Canada?

Is nobody concerned about the children they can’t see?

One word. APATHY. Another. LETHARGY. Another. LUKEWARMNESS.

Vote Life, Canada! has spoken out loudly about the role of the Catholic Bishops of Canada in this tragic failure to stem the deathly AI threat to little human beings.

But many more Christians need to be screaming bloody murder.

Perhaps its still not too late.

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Chuck Colson: Loving Our Children

Colson offers a Christian corrective for muddled thinking—from the Darwinian camp—on the subject of “our culture’s undeclared war on people with Down syndrome.”


What Would Darwin Advise?

For the past few years, I’ve been telling Christian Post readers about our culture’s undeclared war on people with Down syndrome. Earlier this year, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommended that all pregnant women, regardless of age, undergo amniocentesis. Obviously that’s to put them under increasing pressure to abort the child if a genetic defect is detected.

I thought that I heard every possible argument for and against this barbarism, but I was wrong. Apparently, in addition to asking themselves “what would Jesus do?” women should ask themselves “what would Darwin advise?”

But Dr. Frank Boehm of Vanderbilt Medical Center has doubts about doctors’ ability to “adequately counsel patients” about having a child with Down syndrome. Properly counseling patients requires painting a balanced picture of life with such a child. Boehm points out that while there are “considerable challenges . . . there are also many positive [aspects] as well.” Boehm cites his own experience with his grandson, who has Down syndrome.

Through his grandson, Boehm has come to appreciate the often “unappreciated” “richness” in these children’s lives. He sees how their parents feel that their child offers “love, affection, happiness, laughter and joy” as well as teaching “compassion and acceptance.”

Boehm’s position is a welcome addition to the debate over the treatment of children with Down syndrome. But part of Boehm’s argument has me scratching my head. He ended his piece by saying that not telling patients about these “positive aspects of life” would constitute a failure to “understand the evolutionary process.”

I don’t get it. What does evolutionary theory have to tell us about the “positive aspects” of genetic defects? More importantly, what does it tell us about the human capacity for altruism and compassion—the very things Dr. Boehm is advocating? The answer is: Nothing.

Dr. Boehm is a classic example of muddled thinking.

Darwin insisted that natural selection would “rigidly destroy” any variation—such as Down syndrome—that would hurt its possessor “in the struggle for life.” As much as we love kids with Down syndrome, it’s impossible to imagine how Down syndrome helps people in “the struggle for life.” Quite the contrary: it’s a variation that, if Darwin were right, should have been “rigidly destroyed” a long time ago.

And clearly evolutionary theory can’t explain the compassion and love that parents shower on their Down syndrome children. If evolutionary theory is right, then the time, resources and energy it takes to raise a child with special needs could be put to better uses: such as raising children who are more likely to strengthen the species.

The late philosopher David Stove, who was an atheist, called Darwinian explanations for altruism and compassion “confused” and a “slander” against man. They miss the obvious fact that man “is sharply distinguished from all other animals by being in fact hopelessly addicted to altruism.”

The “addiction” that Stove talked about is not the product of evolution. It is the product of being made in the image of God.



More insight on the war against Down Syndrome children here. The Mommy Life blog carries excellent postings—she should! She’s a Mom of 12, with four sons who have Down Syndrome. This link will take you to her archives on Down Syndrome.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Just Doesn't Work In Church

Dr. Albert Mohler answers the latest question for the Washington Post/Newsweek column “On Faith.” He’s very much on target again—especially with his conclusion: "Don't ask, don't tell" just doesn't work in church.

My comments are interjected in green throughout Dr. Mohler’s article.


Institutionalized Hypocrisy

Churches and denominations that invite or allow their standards to be openly violated institutionalize hypocrisy. This usually indicates that the church lacks both the courage to change the standards and the conviction to enforce them.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America [ELCA] has voted to encourage its bishops not to take punitive action against ministers who violate the denomination's ban on active homosexuals in the ministry. Last year, the Presbyterian Church USA [PCUSA] took a similar action, allowing local jurisdictions (presbyteries) to ordain candidates for ministry who violate a similar policy. Both cases represent tragic failures of leadership. Both churches failed to maintain their own standards and lacked the courage or consensus to change them.

All this is further evidence of why the liberal denominations are in such a decline in terms of membership and influence. These churches are divided between liberals who push constantly for doctrinal changes and conservatives who are determined to keep standards they believe to be mandated by the Bible. The conservatives are losing.

The liberals are pushing for the full normalization of homosexuality. This runs right into conflict with biblical prohibitions and clashes with the standards of these churches. Liberals in these two denominations dominate the landscape in the seminaries and church bureaucracies, but they have not yet been able to muster adequate support to change the policies. Conservatives are losing a battle akin to theological trench warfare. The big battles are lost an inch at a time.

Bishops, presbyteries, and congregations are charged to maintain the doctrines and standards of the church. When a bishop or presbytery or congregation fails in this task the whole church suffers. When this failure is made a matter of policy, the entire church embraces hypocrisy. When bishops are encouraged to allow doctrines and standards to be violated, they are encouraged to violate the integrity of their office. The same holds true for presbyteries or congregations, depending on the form of church government.

[This seems to sum up the present state of things so well. No doubt this is a timeless truth concerning the prophets and leaders that God chooses. Dr. Mohler’s analysis squares well with the analysis set forth by Vote Life, Canada! in its Open Letter to the Catholic Bishops of Canada.]

This process does not start with issues of sexuality, of course. Long before these churches faced controversies over sexuality, they had already allowed the doctrinal foundations of their churches to be eroded and compromised.

[We are often tempted to think of the issue of abortion as an outgrowth of the sexual revolution of the sixties, or even as a natural outcome of increased sexual perversion within society. Many pro-lifers link abortion directly to the practice of contraception which seemed to overtake Western society from the 1930’s onwards.

Dr. Mohler is pointing the finger at a point in time much earlier than these events. He’s also pointing at a problem that started first IN THE CHURCH, not in society, due to severe compromises in doctrine. This is a healthy perspective because it puts the blame for the current confusion over sexuality squarely at its origin and takes into account the Church’s role as salt and light in the world.]

In other words, a "don't ask, don't tell" policy on doctrine preceded a "don't ask, don't tell" policy on matters of sexuality.

The only means of recovery is repentance and an affirmation of biblical authority. "Don't ask, don't tell" just doesn't work in church.

[I really appreciate Mohler’s focus on repentance as “the only means of recovery.” The history of Christianity bears this out, as does the biblical account of man’s many apostasies. Yet few Christian leaders seriously propose that the solution to our crisis is good old fashioned repentance. I have also found in my own experience that many pastors who do emphasize repentance are sure only of the need for it but are unsure exactly what it is that the Christian needs to repent of.

The individual Christian needs much help in order to arrive at a true stage of repentance. Efforts and events such as this one go a long way in aiding Christians in their journey to genuine and productive repentance.]


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Top Ten News Stories August 19-25, 2007

Here are Vote Life, Canada’s Top Ten picks from the news stories of the last week. Use the information and insight in these items to bolster your defense of unborn children.


UPDATED: Video here of Saturday's protest at new Planned Parenthood facility in Aurora, IL

Amnesty International endorses abortion
Washington Times—A leading British bishop has resigned his membership in Amnesty International and an Australian Jesuit college said it will no longer work with the leading human rights group after the organization last week officially endorsed a new policy supporting a woman's right to an abortion in certain cases.

Related stories

Pro-life group calls for Canadian bishops to do more about Amnesty ...
Vote Life, Canada! is upset that the Canadian bishops did not do more to persuade Amnesty International to not adopt its pro-abortion policy. ...

World Congress of Families Global Coordinator Larry Jacobs sharply criticizes Amnesty’s duplicity

Comments on AI's abortion decision from around the web

Abortion Law in Victoria, Australia under review
The Victorian State Premier, John Brumby, has announced that the State Government will seek legal advice in reforming the existing state law on abortion as Christians once again reaffirmed their position to oppose any legislation that allows for the decriminalisation of abortion.

Related stories

North Queensland Register and The Australian report on the news.

Robert Ward, the Australian Christian Lobby's Victorian chief of staff says Protect the Unborn Children

Julian Burnside offers the typical “libertarian,” feminist viewpoint for making it easier to “terminate” unborn human beings.

Denis Hart, archbishop of Melbourne, has an editorial in the Herald Sun on whether abortion should be a crime—along with viewpoints from two “experts,” Peter Singer (hold your breath!) and Susie Allanson.

A columnist from the Herald Sun, offering his no-nonsense point of view, says “Abort Brumby’s law.”

Life crusaders bombard new clinic with prayers
AURORA—Since the morning hours of Aug. 9, pro-lifers from many denominations have been praying around the clock near the property of a nearly completed Planned Parenthood building on New York Street in Aurora.
[Comment: This event has the potential to become an international news story. I’ve blogged about it before and it continues to build momentum.]

Related stories

Chicago Tribune reports

Pro Life Action Leagues gives updates

LifeNews reported on arrests of pro-aborts who harassed pro-lifers.

Generations For Life closely involved

UPDATED: Video here of Saturday's protest in Aurora, IL

Incalculable loss in trust and love
Home genetic testing could "devastate" children, families
While Pratibha Patil, India’s first woman president, calls sternly for a nation-wide mobilization to abolish sex-selection abortions that result in the deaths of 7,000 unborn girls a day in India, Consumer Genetics Inc. of Sunnyvale, California, is marketing new home-based tests to uncover even more factors which could lead to a decision to reject one’s child.

Related stories

The False Choice Between Development and Daughters
She is part of a growing global trend of sex selective abortion and infanticide that favors sons and proves deadly for daughters. The practice, once thought to be unique to China and India, is catching on in Central Asia, Latin America, ...

160 Healthy Babies Lost for Every 50 Down’s Cases Detected with Amniocentesis
LONDON—The risks of amniocentesis to the unborn child have long been known but now a new analysis by a British doctor has shown that using the tests in seek-and-destroy missions for Down's syndrome and other genetic abnormalities results in the deaths of hundreds of healthy babies every year in Britain.

Life-Chain in Canada 2007 to be Held on September 30th
The annual Life Chain, a pro-life prayer and witness event, will take place this year in cities across Canada on September 30… Life Chain involves an a hour of silent prayer and public witness and will take place from 2 to 3 p.m. Approximately 30,000 people participate each year

Edmonton Journal Columnist Scott McKeen Launches Vicious Smear ...
In his column published today in the Edmonton Journal, columnist Scott McKeen launches what I consider the most vicious, vitrolic attack against a political candidate that I have ever seen in a mainstream newspaper.
[Comment: While Mr. Whatcott has some very “unorthodox” and “politically incorrect” approaches, blogger “Anchorage Activist” is rightly shocked. McKeen takes aim fundamentally at Christian doctrine and morals—pro-life, pro-family—as well as free speech. Whatcott is unashamedly pro-life and when somebody, particularly a politician, takes such a courageous stand, 99 times out of a 100 that individual is a safe bet for political office and for society.

I hope much more is said by Christians and other concerned Canadians about this attack.

My last word is one of caution. In this story, Alaska Pride blogspot links to one of Whatcott’s flyers which often include some explicit, “realistic” photographs. Sometimes there are graphic pictures of aborted fetuses.You’ve been warned. ]

The quiet campaign against birth control
[Comment: Abortion and contraception are peas of a pod and pro-lifers will be wise to keep that fact front and centre. Plan B, the “emergency contraceptive,” has been much in the news lately and Cristina Page, pro-abortion advocate, sounded alarms this past week in this op-ed piece warning against the subtle resurgence of “anti-contraception activism.” Page is the author of "How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America: Freedom, Politics and the War on Sex," and she is spokeswoman for]

Related stories

Contraceptives Go Against God, Says Iowa Group
Iowans for LIFE (Life Is For Everyone) has joined a coalition of anti-choice groups under the umbrella of the American Life League and, by joining, has signed a document in opposition to not only abortion but all contraceptives…

The One-Year Anniversary of Hell Breaking Loose
[Comment: This week marks the one-year anniversary of the FDA decision to allow Plan B, the morning after” pill, to be sold over-the-counter in the USA and Cristina Page goes on another rant. Read her arguments, understand the controversy and try to get a better understanding of the dynamics of abortion advocacy. It will equip you to better stand up for the truth and for the Unborn.]

“Your Own Stem Cells Work!”
An event planner named Carron Morrow says she had two choices when it came to treating a serious heart condition: Sign liability papers for an unusual new treatment—or drop dead. Not surprisingly, she chose to sign the papers—and became another stem-cell miracle: An adult stem-cell miracle, that is.
[Comment: Chuck Colson reports this week on another adult stem cell miracle. The stem cell debate is not new but it never fails to surprise those who follow it closely.]

Related stories

Family Research Council op-ed “A Cell in Time Saves Nine?”

Life Issues Institute resource page for articles on stem cell research

Blogger and pro-life activist Jill Stanek carries a great post this week

Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason writes an exceptional series on The Confusing Moral Logic of ESCR

South Africa: Catholic Church Reiterates Opposition to Pro ...
The Catholic Church in Southern today reiterated its rejection of a 1996 law allowing abortion after the Protestant South African Council of Churches Africa made a statement in favour of the legislation.

Related stories

South African Prelates Grim on Abortion Bill

More stories this week of countries under heavy pressure to legalize more child killing

Dominican Republic Protest Against Attempt to Legalize Abortion

CNA: Guatemala bishops denounce campaign disguised as 'post ...

20,000 Brazilians Protest Attempted Expansion of Abortion

What has happened to pro-life Catholic parents?
Since she knows I came back full force to the Church after an on and off episode, she asked what the Church really taught about abortion. I was surprised she asked this, but I told her that the minute the sperm meets the egg, the Church sees that embryo as a human being and that aborting would be murder.
[Comment: From Catholic Answers Forum, an insightful, and shocking, thread of postings on the attitudes and actions of “Catholic” parents under pressure. Really, it’s not Catholic, but rather “pseudo-Catholic.”]


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Easiest Ever Pro-Life Statement To Make

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An Abortionist's Nightmare

Dr. McArthur Hill used to kill babies for a living. Now he has repented. At a conference of former abortionists, he shared the nightmares he had:

"In my nightmares I would deliver a healthy newborn baby and I would take that healthy newborn baby and I would hold it up, and I would face a jury of faceless people and ask them to tell me what to do with this baby. They would go thumbs-up or thumbs-down and if they made a thumbs-down indication then I was to drop the baby into a bucket of water which was present. I never did reach the point of dropping the baby into the bucket because I'd always wake up at that point. But it was clear to me then that there was something going on in my mind, subconsciously."

I have helped abortionists make the transition from killing babies to repentance, and can attest that Dr. Hill's experience is not uncommon. In fact, his nightmare reveals some common aspects of the suffering of abortionists.

Notice, first of all, that Dr. Hill has in his hands a "healthy newborn baby." Abortions are done on healthy unborn babies, but in this nightmare, the doctor's conscience is reminding him that a baby is a baby, and that the lies of abortion propagandists who try to make the public think that abortion is only done for "health reasons" are exactly that - lies.

More significant still is the fact that the abortionist is holding the baby up in front of a group of people. What happened to the "private, personal" nature of abortion? Abortionists know better. It's a public industry, a public battle, and like it or not, the world has its eyes on them. They are committing that wrong which humanity itself, in the judgment of history, knows to be the same wrong that constitutes genocide and holocausts. Yes, this "private" act is really as public as can be.

The abortion propagandists try to paint this issue as "a woman's choice and hers alone." But the abortionist's nightmare tells us a different story. The mother is absent. It is society, represented by a jury of his peers, that is making the choice. This represents both the abortionist's resentment as well as his attempt to evade responsibility. "It's not that I favor killing babies," many abortionists will say. "It's that either I provide this service or someone else will do so, in a less professional way. Society has made this choice available, which is a good thing, but somebody has to carry it out."

Finally, the jury is "faceless." Of course it is. Nobody wants to claim responsibility for legal abortion. Legislators blame the courts; judges blame precedent; others blame the "law of the land."

It's time for the abortionists nightmare to wake us all up! Now is the time for us to put our own face on this issue, and claim responsibility to break through the faceless crowd and declare, "The killing stops here! I will no longer be silent!"



Friday, August 24, 2007

CTV Calgary Carries Video Of CCBR's "Choice" Campaign

If you are a reader of the Vote Life, Canada! blog, you are much aware of the recent launch of CCBR’s Reproductive “Choice” Campaign.

Suzanne at Big Blue Wave reports that YouTube has posted video of CTV local news coverage of the event.

Here it is.

This Is What Amnesty International Used To Look Like

From Death Penalty News December 1998
I have promised Amnesty International that I will never sign the death sentence for a fellow human being. I would like to reaffirm this commitment. Life is sacred. I believe a person can reform. I believe that forgiveness makes all of us better persons. In the cause of truth and justice, I invite all heads of state in Africa, our common home, to abolish the death sentence, to work for the removal of violence among our peoples and so to prepare a better future for our children.

- Dr Bakili Muluzi, President of the Republic of Malawi, in a message to the Eighth General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Harare, Zimbabwe,
6-14 December 1998

[source] Readers might find it worthwhile to look further into that report.

Amnesty International (AI) continues to insist that its goals—to abolish the death penalty and to promote forgiveness and reformation—have not changed.

Yet, through AI’s recent decision to advocate for legal and worldwide access to abortion, an entire, distinct group of completely innocent human beings have been robbed of the most fundamental right to life, made subject to the death penalty without trial and without advocacy, and without an appeal to forgiveness, which even the most guilty, and heinous, parties have been granted.

When all is said and done, the biggest question in “civilized” society and in the future of mankind at this time is, “What is the Unborn?

Why aren't Christians nailing this question to rooftops and billboards? Why are we not screaming bloody murder?

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

How Many Of Canada’s Baptists Are Offending?

For 30 years, a church in downtown Medford, Massachusetts, has been choosing to use its front signboard to address people's consciences through what some call "offensive" and "divisive" messages.


….Messages such as "New Orleans: Natural disaster or God's anger with sin?" -- "If we didn't abort our children, the U.S. wouldn't have to hire illegals" -- and "Homosexuality is sin" are the kind that locals find "disturbing," "offensive," and creating "dissension," according to an August 9 media report on the Boston Globe's website.


.…the pastor states. "Jesus, when he was here on earth, he was controversial, as we know. He's the one that said [as part of the Sermon on the Mount] we should be salt and light in this present, dark world."


….[Pastor] Michael believes the Christian's job of speaking out for truth and righteousness is not always what the world wants to hear, but must be done to warn them of sin -- however, he says so few do it, the ones that do are seen as out-of-step with the community thinking.


These days Baptists are more likely to be accused of “fundamentalism” than most other Christian groups. But is it a case of “fundamentalism” or being “counter-cultural?”

I’d like to see more Christian congregations being counter-cultural because I know part of their counter-cultural witness will be to expose the evil of abortion. If they are standing up for unborn children then very likely it’s because they are standing up for Christ.

Is it “offensive” and uncharitable to post such signs outside of a church?

Do they really "lack Christian virtue” and “create dissension, not unity”?

The real question I think is: Are they representing and pointing to the truth?

Like graphic images of abortion, they may have their disturbing aspects, but do they point people to the truth, thereby helping them on to God and to salvation in Christ?

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Canada's Worst Enemy—Itself?

From Christian Newswire, a Press Release issued today by Biblical Family Advocates. Christians please read and consider.


'America's Worst Enemy, Itself'

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- It isn't as though we are unfamiliar with the concept of the speeding train and the foolish driver who believes that they can outrun that train across the tracks; only to be crushed beyond recognition. But when you look at America, some Americans are wondering if we are in a similar race for our very own existence. Of course any person can point out some of the top dangers to America, whether it's bio-terrorism, illegal immigration or nuclear war. But the maddening reality is that we do not understand that WE are our own worst enemies. Here are a few examples that should make us begin to wonder if we are the largest group of lemmings to commit collective suicide.

We want to protect ourselves from the onslaught of illegal immigrants and yet we have created the demand for cheap labor by having cheap abortion which kills millions of pre born Americans. Additionally, millions of Baby Boomers have looked forward to their retirement and yet they have promoted the aborting of millions of children who could have financially supported the now failing social security system. To add injury to insult, many children who did survive this abortion holocaust have been taught by their parents that it is acceptable to get rid of pre born babies if they are expensive and inconvenient. This widespread belief will make the case in the future, that Mom and Dad should also be euthanized if they are the same kind of burden to their children. In the interest of not offending anyone, the vast majority of Pastors will not speak on the issue of abortion from their pulpits. Yet these same Pastors will wonder why their churches are not filled with the youthful voices of children, who might have brought the gospel to their community.

We have clearly patted ourselves on the back for being so tolerant of homosexuals, the cohabitation of heterosexuals and no fault divorce; when all the while destroying the very institution that is meant to keep our society stable; a godly marriage. But in typical hypocrisy we will continue to pity the broken home and the single parent family when we ourselves have encouraged it to continue by tolerating immoral relationships. Public schools are teaching promiscuity and homosexuality and are trying to figure out why so many young people have STD's and HIV. Even Police officers across the land will risk life and limb to protect children from harm and yet the very same officers will march in gay pride parades which encourage children to participate in the destructive lifestyle of homosexuality.

We are so rightfully concerned about the environment, when the environment of our soul is so stagnant with hedonism, pride and materialism. With this kind of spiritual wasteland, we simply cannot offer the spring water of Christ to those who need it. It also seems rather strange that most environmentalists are very silent about our waterways being filled with the waste water of chemical abortifacient drugs that are destroying the very sexual makeup of ponds and rivers. They also seem very silent on the environment of the womb being destroyed by abortion and multiple sex partners. When will they actually care about pre born children as much as they care about baby seals?

We invite people to come to our country to become citizens and yet we fall all over ourselves to accommodate their culture and their ways, instead of demanding that they become real Americans. We have somehow forgotten that they have come to our country because of the value of what we are as a nation. We should never replace that with the very culture that people flee. To make matters worse, we invite the people of Islam who are religiously bound to overthrow the countries they live in, whether by law or sword to come to our beloved country, living among us, giving sanctuary to those who want to destroy us.

Remarkably we go all over the world to teach countries about representative government and yet Americans are seldom represented by their elected officials. Their parties prop up people that do not represent our best and brightest, but rather many wealthy, power hungry elitists. Most parties play both sides of the political fence thus misrepresenting their own party platform. Many of us are still waiting for real statesmen who fear God and obey His Word. It would be refreshing to have leaders who are not afraid to utter the words, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" and "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord", and actually mean it.

We had such great disdain for being under the tyrants of Britain and were willing to pay the ultimate price to be free. But now we cower before the Federal government as though we no longer were a land 'for and by the people.' States have given up their constitutional sovereignty and instead wait in line to be blessed once again, by the kings of Washington DC. Our representatives are enamored with taxes and spending without restraint as they continue to create departments and programs outside of their God given authority and outside of the U.S. Constitution. Many times law enforcement, government leaders and judges punish the righteous, while funding and praising those who do evil.

The godly prophets are considered fools and yet the fools are proclaimed wise. The profane is now called holy and evil is called good. We are certainly in trouble. Though I am very worried about bioterrorism, illegal immigration and nuclear war; the most frightful and troubling thought is that we are not only driving that car in a race with the train, but most Americans seem indifferent to the real coming train wreck of America. It appears that few are trying to stop and consider whether it worth losing such a race; but then again, we might either offend someone or be accused of being hateful. But shouldn't we be recapturing what it means to really love God, our neighbor and even ourselves?


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Michael Vick, Killing Babies and Dog Fighting

Vote Life, Canada! noted the following opinion piece by US based “Stand True Ministries” issued today through Christian Newswire.


Stand True Ministries President, Bryan Kemper, released the following commentary about the hypocrisy of PETA, The Federal Government and the NFL regarding the Michael Vick Scandal. "I am disgusted that we as a nation are so outraged over dog fighting while thousands of babies are being mutilated daily" said Kemper.

While the title of this commentary is meant to be sarcastic, it is sadly true. Michael could have invested his money into an abortion clinic and he would not be in trouble, in fact he would be protected. It may be against federal law to inflict cruelty on animals but it is perfectly fine according to the law to dismember little baby boys and girls any time in the first nine months of their lives.

I am horrified by dog fighting just like most people; I think it is a barbaric practice and should be illegal. I am not however, okay with the fact that our federal government allows more protection to a dog than a human person. It is absolutely asinine that we as a society can get in an uproar about dog fighting and still allow the destruction of almost 4,000 precious children each day.

Organizations like PETA are in their own words, "bellowing for strong action on behalf of dogs". They want the NFL to make rules about its players and their involvement in dog fighting and animal cruelty. I wonder if PETA would support the NFL if they made rules against its players being involved in paying so called "doctors" to kill their own children.

John Rolfe, a writer for Sports Illustrated wrote, "Only a drooling, spiral-eyed sadist would insist that drowning, hanging or electrocuting innocent dogs should be an un-punishable offense, let alone allowing them to rip each other to shreds for fun and profit". I wonder if he would include injecting saline into a baby while still in the womb, or suctioning their body parts off with a hose into that category.

Where are we heading as a nation if we cannot protect the most innocent and vulnerable citizens, the pre- born children, yet we can offer such protection to dogs? Since when are dogs more human than babies? God have mercy on our nation, we are so blind.

PETA is asking the public to help demand that the NFL add cruelty to animals to its personal conduct rules. I want to ask the public to ask PETA to demand the same protection for babies in the womb. I challenge PETA to show some consistency in their crusade against cruelty and work for the same protection for humans as it does for animals.

Call PETA at 757-622-PETA (7382) and ask them why they won't stand up for the babies with the same passion they stand up for the dogs.



What sane Christian could disagree with Brian Kemper’s expose of this hypocrisy? Here in Canada the same kind of apathy and hypocrisy results in the deaths of nearly 300 Canadian Unborns daily.

But PETA deserves only a very small part of the blame here folks. Consider that PETA is hardly the only outraged party. It is the public at large that seems unusually enraged.

And keep in mind that in this unfolding event PETA is rightfully engaged in its mission. The charges of execution of dogs by hanging, electrocution or other brutal means, if true, are shocking and barbaric and call for judgment and penalty. Remember that PETA does not advocate for the Unborn, nor do they advocate for the elimination of racial discrimination. Quite simply, those are not their goals.

So I think highlighting the actions and hypocrisy of PETA and particularly making calls for PETA to demand rights for the Unborn is misplaced. Such an approach detracts in a crucial way from the truly effective action demanded from Christians living in a culture marked by legalized child killing.

The Michael Vick scandal is a rare opportunity of sorts for Christians to not only expose the hypocrisy of the public, as Bryan Kemper and many other Christians have done, but more especially to expose the hypocrisy of fellow Christians in their silence on the horror of child killing. Christian leaders especially need to be hit hard with the fact that their abysmal failure to confront the prevailing “culture” with the truth is the very thing that sustains skewed, hypocritical public attitudes regarding the health, welfare and treatment of animals in relation to treatment of unborn humans. Always this confrontation must begin first in their own pulpits, not in the streets and on the airwaves in public protest [although that is certainly a possibility for step 2].

This is the pro-lifer’s finest strategy: to keep Christian leaders [starting with their own!] accountable for dispensing the truth about the slaughter of the Unborn, about the humanity of the Unborn and about the means of winning justice for the Unborn. Crucial to the success of Christian leaders to accomplish this is the watchful eye and vocal stance of the [pro-life] Christian whose determined, prayerful follow-up ensures the proportionate attention to match the injustice.

It can be nothing less than the declaration and exercise of an all out Campaign of Accountability amongst the Christians of Canada.

Can God expect anything less from the true Christian? Will anything less than that work?

More background and commentary on the Michael Vick fuss can be found here:

Report: Michael Vick Accepts Plea Deal

Of Dogs and Babies by Chuck Colson

Some readers’ comments from CNN

PETA blogs on the “inhumanity”

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekly News Report August 20

Is It a Sin not to Vote?

Chuck Colson offers more on the need for Christians to get their say in the public square.

This is why Christians must never “fast” from politics. And it’s why Christians, of all citizens, ought to be lining up to vote on Tuesday. Do your civic duty because you’ll do your duty to God in the process.

And to abandon the battle on behalf of the sick and the suffering, the prisoner and the unborn: That would be a true sin.


Hospitals ensure babies dead before abortion to avoid legal charges
Truly ugly. Truly evil.
How are abortion clinics protecting themselves against charges under the partial-birth abortion ban?

By ensuring unborn babies are dead by injecting them first with lethal drugs before aborting them.

The abortion pill RU-486 was much in the news over the last week. The most recent summary of the debate is in this story:

Reaction to RU-486 study: Omission of non-abortive women taints final results
Two pro-life groups in Washington, DC, are taking issue with a recent study on the risks to future pregnancies in women who have chosen to kill their unborn child via either surgical or medical abortion.

Other news reports on the RU-486 study:

Pro-Lifers Decry Misleading Abortion Pill Study

Another Misleading Headline about Abortion

You can learn heart help in a hurry
[Globe and Mail]

Medical Abortions Carry Same Risks as Surgical Abortions for Later Pregnancies

Medical and Surgical Abortions Pose Equal Risk to Future Pregnancies

Abortion pill won't risk future pregnancy: study

[CTV coverage]

Amnesty International Reaffirms Pro-Abortion Position, Bishop Resigns

Following Friday's vote to endorse abortion, a leading British bishop resigned.

The Rt. Rev Michael Evans, Bishop of East Anglia and the head of the Catholic Church in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, wrote a special prayer for the organization for Catholics to use to pray that it has a change of heart.

Amnesty Affirms New Abortion Stance; Catholics Urged to Cut Ties

The bishop pointed to the 1989 U.N. International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which reaffirms the 1959 Declaration of the Rights of the Child in saying that a child needs “special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth”.

“This must surely be part of the body of international human rights law to which Amnesty International is committed,” said Evans.

More on Amnesty and Bishop Evans here and here.

Right to Life New Zealand’s press release on the news.

UN Population Fund, Planned Parenthood push for legal abortion in Africa ...
The death mongers are pushing hard for legal and unrestricted abortion in EVERY nation of the world. Amnesty International was simply one more organization that officially joined the call last week.

The UN Population Found (UNFPA) and International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) are ramping up abortion campaigns in Africa, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-Fam) observes.

In C-Fam's Friday Fax, Samantha Singson reports that IPPF and UNFPA have been working diligently at the African Union (AU) for a continent-wide strategy that delivers "sexual and reproductive health services," including "safe abortion."

Activists blamed by doctor
From The Leader, Surrey, B.C. on sex selective abortions.
While community leaders and health organizations link the Koala Labs ads to the issue of sex-selective abortions, there is no public data proving the information obtained in prenatal tests and clinics influences a woman’s decision to abort a fetus.

“It’s nobody’s business,” said Stephens about the information obtained in an ultrasound clinic about the sex of a baby.

Oh, but it is Dr. Stephens, because of what some mothers will do with that information. And it’s downright immoral for the doctor to capitalize on such opportunity.

I'll Have to Pray on It
Cowards want someone else to stand up to evildoers by Coach Dave Daubenmire

Where are the men?
The Toronto Star asks a big question…and reveals big concerns about children growing up without fathers.
There's a hidden crisis in this city. Single moms speak out about the scary struggle to raise children who don't expect to survive past the age of 25.

Albert Mohler previously offered some commentary on this same subject.
"Fathers Are Not Fungible" -- Why Fathers Matter

OR Joins Massive Effort to Stop Aurora, IL Planned Parenthood
Operation Rescue announces that it is joining forces with Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League, to urge pro-lifers from around the nation to help prevent an "abortion fortress" from opening in the Chicago suburb of Aurora.

The “secular” pro-abortion press reports on the event.

This will prove to be a HUGE event I believe. Get the one-stop treatment of news here.

Contraception Testimony: I didn't realize it was an abortifacient
A great testimony from a Catholic Mom. Good story though for all Christians, Catholic or Protestant.

My husband Alton and I married in the Catholic Church in July of 1969. During our marriage instruction, the priest told us that it was uncertain whether the Church might be changing regarding birth control, but we didn't want to take any chances, so we read a book on the rhythm method which my mother used when she got married in 1947.

Originally posted on No Room for Contraception

Video on YouTube of Graphic Abortion Tour sponsored by Missionaries to the Preborn.
It took place in Zanesville OH August 7.

Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) is running for President in the US. He stands right now in about fourth place I think. Here’s what the pro-child killers say about Brownback, on their own website.
Sen. Brownback declined to provide a statement to NARAL Pro-Choice America expressing his views on reproductive choice, but click here to learn more about his record and read quotes he has made on choice.

He looks real good to me.

Ignatius Insight has a pretty devastating piece on President Kennedy called The Enduring Costs of John F. Kennedy's Compromise.

Perhaps the true lesson of Kennedy's Houston speech is this: A commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church challenges Catholics to stand as a sign of contradiction in the world. We can accept that challenge or we can reject it, but we must not convince ourselves that we can have it both ways. We can't. And that is good news for America and Europe, where the prophetic witness of courageous Catholics is needed now as never before.

Prenatal diagnosis - raising public awareness and eliminating fear
In this posting Mommy Life promotes Prenatal Partners for Life.

Knowing the horrible statistics of abortion for children prenatally diagnosed with Downs and the other trisomy's, I am co-sponsoring a nation-wide billboard campaign with Prolife Across America. Would you be interested in helping spread ...

Minority of Countries Allow Abortion on Demand
CitizenLink out of Colorado Springs, CO,USA makes this brief report.
A recent United Nations report on international abortion policies reveals that while most countries worldwide allow abortion in extreme cases in order to save the life of the mother, only 28 percent allow abortion on demand.

Unfortunately, Canada is one of those countries allowing abortion on demand. Actually Canada has NO LAW whatsoever respecting abortion.

The pastor of a conservative Christian church says it is being targeted over abortion.
Mark Holick is pastor of Spirit One Christian Center in Wichita. He says the church will continue to speak out regardless of what the IRS does. He says the church is being investigated because it speaks out against abortion. …

Ax the Debate
A blogger speaks up about CCBR’s Stephanie Gray and the recent interview with NAF.

It's not something many pro-life individuals are comfortable with. As I've witnessed, however, these images force response to a horror we've managed to cover up and live seemingly indifferent to for the past 40 years -- these images ...

Aging Global Population is "Profound" and "Irreversible": UN Report
The United Nations recently released its global population estimates, revealing an alarming population shift that will have serious worldwide consequences within the near future. While blaming the problem on lowered fertility and increased longevity, the report fails to make the connection with contraception, abortion and sterilization.

Abortion policy at Ellis in doubt
Really great insight in this article on hospital policy/mergers and performing abortions.
The change will likely create difficulties for some women, Saile and McGinnis said. What if a patient wants her doctor to perform the abortion in a hospital setting? What if patients are intimidated by protesters outside the Planned Parenthood building?

Health chief tells of abortion experience
Australia’s Health Chief makes a pitch for more abortions by telling her abortion experience. Not quite ready though for SilentNoMore.

"That doesn't mean that I don't have any regrets or that it wasn't awful. Back in those days, though, because we were fighting hard for women's legal right for abortion, you weren't really allowed to admit that you had suffered any distress or trauma … because we were engaged in a social and political battle."

Is the "Pro-Life Movement" Really Concerned with Reducing Abortion?
There’s much in this article that might be questionable, but there are some interesting perspectives raised. See what you think.

And so here we are. The political trends of the past quarter century have brought us to a place where pro-life Catholics have aligned themselves with the Republican party. Some hold their noses while doing so. Others inhale the fragrance with glee. And the institutional pro-life movement is boxed into the narrowest of strategies, one that places a premium on rhetoric, while not burdening politicians with the need to actually do anything. It begs the question: is the Republican party really serious about reducing abortion or is it a ploy for votes? The fact that Rudy Giuliani is currently that party's presidential forerunner speaks volumes.

Legislators touched by leukemia push cord blood measures
Great article emphasizing the importance of umbilical cord blood. With such stories it makes you wonder why more is not being done in this area. [and less talk about ESCR.]

For a decade, state Sen. Carole Migden quietly battled a death sentence - an unusual form of leukemia. Now cancer-free, she wants to create a state system to collect and store umbilical cord blood, which shows enormous promise as a treatment for leukemia and other diseases.

The crime of abortion
Great article by Judie Brown, president of ALL. Please read.
We are not engaged in a quest to round up women who've had abortions and imprison them. But abortion is a crime. And because it is a crime, it is impossible to deny that crimes have consequences.

But first, we have to make it well understood to everyone involved — everyone in the nation — just what it is an abortion does. It ends the life of a living human being; not a fetus, a potential human being, a mass of tissue or a fertilized egg.

Pro-Abortion Catholics Undermine The Cause Of Justice
A Princeton professor warns that prominent pro-abortion Catholics pose a greater danger to their Church then the scandal of pedophile priests. Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence and director of Princeton's James ...

A blogger comments on the story.

To Prevent Unintended Pregnancies, Abortions, New Zealand Health Insurer Will Provide No-Cost Vasectomies, IUDs
Is this what governments ought to be doing with taxpayers’ money?

Shunning isn’t an option
This article says the Knights of Columbus will "attempt to persuade," but not expel, pro-abortion members. I’ll be having more to say about this phony, hypocritical approach. Be sure to read some of the comments.

But what about notorious pro-same sex marriage and pro-abortion politicians who remain on the Knight's membership rolls?

"We don't give up on them, nor, as some Protestant groups once did, do we "shun" them. They are our brother Knights. Out of brotherly love, we wish to help them save their souls," Korten explained in an e-mail message to California Catholic Daily.

Joel Osteen wavers, his Brother-in-Law doesn't
I’ll take his bother-in-law’s church—any day.
A lot of people of faith are opposed to it for moral reasons, and I wonder if your church or if you personally have talked on this subject or feel that the church ought to have a place in talking about, say that issue or abortion, ...

Two great postings from Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Why the Baby Bust?

The Fate of the Family and the Future of the Church

God's vote is counted, say Christians
Two hundred years after Wilberforce, we still have the dehumanisation of the individual through abortion, sex slavery, poverty, pornography and the sexualisation of the young in advertising.

The church remains a necessary player in these and many other areas of public policy.

Bulgaria Has One of the World's Highest Abortion Rates UN Report Says
Read the complete story.

Russia Allows Citizens Time Off to Have Babies as Underpopulation Worsens
[Subtitle: Lost and weird—pray for them.]

Vietnam Abortions Causing High Infertility Rates There, Studies Back Data

Ethical blind spots
When I traveled to Auschwitz a few years ago, one question played over and over in my mind: Did they know? Did the German people know what was happening in this camp near their own border, in their own occupied territories? With the trains coming and going year after year, with the long lines of prisoners and the billowing smokestacks, did they just turn a blind eye to the atrocities?

Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union in Washington, DC Released the Following Statement Regarding the New Crime Statistics
Abortion is the number one killer of African Americans--killing more black people than heart attacks, stroke, HIV-AIDS, accidents, cancer, violent crime and all other deaths--COMBINED! More than 15 million black people--lost to abortion since 1973.

Where is the Church?
Silence is golden, everywhere but the Church. Yet, silence has largely been the Church’s response to the issue of drugs in American culture.

In his most recent book High Society, Joseph Califano, a personal friend and the chairman of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, offers a harsh, but accurate, look at America’s addiction to addiction.

Baptist leader: Critical battle involves absolute truth vs. 'postmodernism'
Dr. Paige Patterson is president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and also a former president of the SBC. He contends that unless Christians stand against postmodernism -- which says there is no absolute truth -- society will face a moral meltdown.

Breast Implants Linked With Suicide
I had no idea. But I’m not surprised.

Women who get cosmetic breast implants are nearly three times as likely to commit suicide as other women, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday. The study, published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery, reinforces several others that have shown women who have breast enlargements have higher suicide risks.

Cardinal hopes int’l ‘08 Eucharistic Congress will start a globalization of love
He noted the boy’s first name Jeremy is like that of Jeremiah, the prophet of the New Covenant, and his family’s name is Gabriel, the same as the angel who announced the birth of the messiah. He said the boy’s mother had been pressured to get an abortion, but she chose to keep him out of respect for human life.

Cardinal Ouellet said Jeremy was chosen by God to affirm the sacredness of human life and “to be the prophet of the 2008 congress.”

Dr. Alveda King on New Crime Statistics: We Have Sown the Wind of Death in Abortion Clinics and Reaped the Whirlwind of Violence in Our Streets
"That 49 percent of all Americans murdered are black is shocking," said Dr. King. "That 93 percent of those people are victims of black on black crime is not really surprising. The abortion industry has told African Americans for decades that killing our own children is beneficial, even therapeutic. We bought their lies and life in the inner city has become cheap."

South African Church Tops List Recognized For Helping People Affected by AIDS
A church with 315 members helping people affected by AIDS in one of the nations hardest hit by the pandemic has been selected for the Courageous Leadership Award, a joint project of the Willow Creek Association and World Vision.

Known as "the church that cares," Fish Hoek Baptist Church in Cape Town, South Africa was selected among nearly 100 entries, and will receive $120,000 for its efforts.

What about an award for the church that does the most to save unborn children? Now there’s a project!

Company Kills Couple's "Leftover" Embryos for Personalized Stem Cell Cures

Make No Mistake, President Hillary Clinton Would Promote Unlimited Abortion

Nepal Sees Same Sex-Selection Abortion, Infanticide Problems as India

NZ Catholic: Child abuse linked to abortion mentality
The warranted outrage at the recent horrific cases of child abuse in New Zealand are the end result of a society that allows abortion, Right to Life New Zealand has asserted.

Abortion forum cracks whip on 'dissidents'
An event held in New York last week that was promoted as an abortion forum was actually designed to "crack the whip" on dissent within the pro-abortion movement. That's according to a spokeswoman for an organization that reaches out to women and men who suffer from the after-effects of abortion.

Catholics, Protestants Map Out Ethical Conversion Code
Dozens of theologians from a wide range of Christian traditions recently gathered to map a common religious conversion code that would both affirm religious freedom yet dissuade unethical means of conversion.

40 Days for Life
A new campaign sweeping through U.S. cities is hoping to remind Americans that the most effective weapon in the fight against abortion is prayer. As part of a 40 Days for Life initiative, more than 20 cities have signed up to participate in 24-hour prayer vigils outside their local abortion center.

Seminary's new courses focus on the home
"We discuss conception and abortion." Critics are already taking potshots at the curriculum. The Rev. Benjamin Cole, pastor of Parkview Baptist Church in Arlington, and a frequent Southern Baptist critic, criticized the homemaking ...

Are there any Canadian Bishops who do this?

San Angelo, Amarillo bishops to concelebrate annual Respect Life ...
San Angelo, Amarillo bishops to concelebrate annual Respect Life Mass in Midland. Mass will be held across from the Midland Planned Parenthood office on the day of the week that Planned Parenthood conducts abortions.